29 Things People Discovered That They Needed To Share With The World

When you come across something so mystifying, there's really only one thing to do — snap a picture and share it to Reddit.

This is precisely what these Redditors did and we're so grateful they graced the internet with their puzzling finds.

Ranging from a tiny teleportation machine to a 30-year-old meatball preserved in epoxy, these discoveries are sure to make your day better (or potentially worse, if you're a 'glass half empty' kind of person).

This 'thiccccc' radish that's proudly displaying its cheeks.

Is there anything better than this radish shaped like a bottom? Yes, there is — and it's an interaction that occurred under the picture.

"Got them radish bottom jeans...." writes Redditor defigravity.

And to the user's surprise, the original poster finished the adapted lyrics saying: "Roots with the fur (with the fuuuuuur). Whole garden lookin' at herrr."

If this isn't the best thing you've read all day, we certainly don't know what is.

The uneasy way a pilot cleans their windshield.

We'll admit it, we've always wanted to know how a pilot cleans their plane's ensemble of windshields because windshield wipers only do so much.

Fortunately, now we know how it's done: a pilot literally sticks their entire body out of a window to hand wipe the windshield free of any dirt, spots, or debris.

Sure, this looks absolutely terrifying as one wrong move will send the pilot tumbling down, but it is an answer — albeit not the one we wanted.

If Gotham City's Harvey Dent — better known as Two-Face — was a car, this would be it.

Clearly, this driver couldn't decide if they wanted their car to be painted white or black. So their solution was: 'let's just do both.' And this is the strange, but nonetheless impressive, result.

We, surprisingly, aren't the only ones to think so. Other Redditors jumped onto the thread sharing their * ahem * interesting thoughts of the vehicle.

"If you commit any crimes, make sure the witnesses are on opposite sides of the car, and neither in front nor behind," writes Redditor dncrews.

They do make a good point.

A melted lightbulb that fell from the ceiling and hit a homeowner.

This Redditor was playing with their child on the floor when the defective LED lightbulb came crashing down.

You might be scratching your head at how exactly an LED lightbulb, which emits less heat than conventional lighting, could melt off a socket.

Well, another Reddit user offers an answer.

"Cheap LED bulbs have poorly designed power converters that dissipate a lot of heat, and the bulb package isn't designed with proper heat sinks to radiate the heat away," they share.

Here's to hoping no other bulbs fall from the original poster's ceilings!

This hybrid watermelon-squash found in a garden.

Could a watermelon and crookneck squash actually fuse as they grow alongside one another in a garden to create a hybrid 'watermelon-squash?'

According to Reddit, the answer is a definite no.

"There is a whole bunch of decorative squash types that look exactly like this - half green and half yellow, unchanged all the way till maturity," shares user flutelorelai, who went on to explain that this discoloration happens through a process of cross-pollination.

So it turns out this hybrid squash, is just that — a squash. What a shame!

Dominos uses a DeLorean as a delivery car and it was branded so everyone knows.

"If they get up to 88 mph, they can deliver it right before you ordered it," shares Redditor IntoTheMystic1 under the post, and it had us cackling.

The comment section, understandably, was filled with Back To The Future jokes, and we'd expect no less!

But what we couldn't predict was the number of Redditors that were horrified by the fact a stainless steel vehicle was even painted in the first place. According to these users, this was a pretty terrible idea that equates to committing a serious offense.

A Tim Burton-esque heart in this tree.

"Tim Burton needs to know your location," writes Redditor mrprincepercy under the post of this tree, and we absolutely agree.

It's undeniable that the intricate heart shape at the trunk of this tree looks completely out of a Tim Burton movie. We're literally in awe of how strange, yet beautiful nature can be!

The smile on this staircase railing knob that's making us slightly uneasy.

"This knob is expressing my mood perfectly," shares the Redditor that posted the photo of their staircase railing knob to the internet.

It's the blank eyes that stare right into your soul, paired with the overstretched, thin smile that makes this knob seem like it's witnessed things it doesn't want to talk about.

And the more we look at it, the more we realize it's definitely better that this creepy little guy doesn't start all of a sudden speaking one day.

Teleportation machine that costs three British pence coins to operate.

Turns out teleportation is in fact possible, but you'll have to travel to Cambridge, England to experience it.

The Redditor who snapped the photo of the machine explained the mini contraption is part of hidden art installations scattered across the city.

As to whether the 'TELEPORT-O-MATIC' actually performs teleportation, the user claims it does.

"Well, I've spent all my spare change, and ended up three blocks off where I needed to go," they write. "Clearer instructions wouldn't harm."

This spider that has three legs.

If you suffer from Arachnophobia, the fear of spiders, you might want to look away. This three-legged spider is truly the stuff of nightmares.

Although it's a little sad that this spider is missing legs, that doesn't make the creature any less spooky. So we're more than happy to keep our distance from this creepy crawler.

The Redditor that made a friend while cutting fruit.

What's up with all these creepy faces in inanimate objects? We're sorry, but they've got to go.

And the Redditor who posted about this specific melon should really invest in some fresher fruit, because yikes!

A yummy surprise in this cereal bowl.

You've probably fished out a pair of conjoined squares while eating a bowl of frosted wheat cereal. But have you ever come across one massive four-square wheat conglomerate?

If so, you're one of the lucky cereal eaters like this Redditor who spotted the rare find in their bowl. And they did what anyone would do — take a pic and post it on Reddit for the rest of the internet to marvel at.

Blueberries, waffles, and maple syrup are the perfect recipe for a sweet-smelling candle.

Have you ever wanted to make your whole house smell like breakfast long after the middle of the day rolls around?

Well one Redditor found the perfect solution, and it takes the form of a waffle candle. Yup, you read that right — a waffle-shaped candle that emits the scent of maple syrup.

Could you possibly ask for anything better? Certainly not!

This minuscule potato that's so small it's almost hard to believe it's real.

"Please make tiny fries and upload them. Thanks," writes another Redditor under the post.

And if we're being honest, our first thought was virtually the same; we need to see this potato turned into itty-bitty fries.

Given that the original poster shared his impressively tiny potato to the internet, it's his duty to fulfill Reddit's wishes and cut his baby potato into what we could only assume would be the world's smallest fries.

A random sausage stuck between a crosswalk button.

"Found a sausage stuck in a cross walk [sic] button in a Hawaii lol," writes the Redditor who posted the photo.

And we just have a couple of questions, like:

  1. Who put the sausage there?
  2. How did the sausage stay there and not slip right through the gap?
  3. Is someone coming back for the meat because it kind of seems like a person may have left it there for later?

Yes, these are all hypothetical, and we've already made peace with the fact that we will never receive answers to any of them.

Banana-shaped wet floor signs are the best invention ever.

Are we taking a huge leap by saying these banana-shaped wet floor signs are one of the greatest modern inventions? Yes, yes we are. But we have no shame in it.

Actually, we'll be starting a petition to have all 'normal' wet floor signs across the country converted into banana peels.

These NASA socks that came with a nutritional label.

"Just waiting until some idiot eats the socks and sues them," shares a Redditor under the thread, who seemingly didn't find the label as funny as we did.

This caused the original poster to respond to the comment saying: "At least they'll be 140 [percent] satisfied. Snickers better watch their back."

We don't know if we're more impressed by the clever packaging design or the Redditor's incredible comeback. But undeniably, both were pretty great.

Never miss an end-credit scene again!

Marvel movies may have trained us to expect a coda, but there is nothing quite as irritating as waiting through the whole credits of a movie just to discover that there isn't a scene afterwards.

Inevitably, the employees waiting to clean the theater are standing there too, waiting and staring at you until you leave.

This theater solves that awkwardness perfectly.

You can go electric, while still loving the classics.

This classic BMW was converted to electric! While I doubt the modifications were cheap, it probably didn't cost as much as a brand new electric vehicle.

And this way, it's just plain cool.

Remember when texting required this sort of monstrosity?

Even though I always preferred the idea of texting over making a phone call, I put off getting in on the trend until the smartphone revolution.

This. This is why.

This cat has the word "NO" prominently displayed in their fur.

Most cats are subtle in their distain for doing anything their humans might ask of them.

This kitty DGAF about subtlety.

Some products never change, even after decades in production.

"I inherited my grandmas sewing supplies and as I was putting them away realized I bought the exact same buttons that she did over 35 years ago for me," said Redditor Glitter_Plague.

Though the backing paper changed, the adorable bunny buttons are identical, save for the yellowing of time.

The slow but sure replacement of plastic hangers with cardboard ones.

When this Redditor spotted cardboard hangers at their workplace, they knew they had to snap a pic and share it with the internet.

The switch from plastic to cardboard was likely due to the environmental impact of single-use plastics. But not everyone thinks shifting to cardboard is the best solution.

"I thought the idea was to move away from single use [sic] plastic and not plastic as a whole. Plastic hangers would've been reused hundreds if not thousands of times," Redditor IAmInside shares. "I want to see this cardboard hanger do the same."

Video games IRL.

This bright orange thing is an emergency shower, however the way the wiring has been run along the outer edge combines with the loud color to make it look pasted into the environment.

Like a bad Photoshop edit, or an item you can interact with in a video game.

Color theory is just plain cool.

"My shirt looks brown, but if you look closely it's actually made only with red, blue and yellow thread," says user carlew.

It's a neat effect and the overall appearance of the shirt would shift subtly depending on the shade of primary-colored threads chosen.

It looks like an old CRT television when you sat too close.

Who says flowers are the only colorful plants?

This is a particularly colorful example of a Virginia creeper, which can be gorgeous, but also a pain in the ass to manage.

Depending on this person's location, they'll want to either carefully prune it going forward, or remove it entirely, since it's invasive in some areas.

This Lego set includes loose change under the couch cushions.

This might be my favorite Lego Easter egg ever.

According to another commenter there's also a Lego set with an ATM and bench that have loose change and debris underneath.

So clever!

This 30-year-old meatball encased in epoxy.

So you're first thought might be: "why the heck would any rational person want to preserve a meatball?" And honestly, that's a valid question, one to which the Redditor answered.

"As a retiree, my grandfather worked for a small town [sic] grocery making Swedish meatballs. At some point in 1990 or 1991 he decided to encase one in epoxy," the user explained.

Okay, so we still don't really have a reason as to why this grandfather felt the need to encase a meatball. But it's sort of sweet that this Redditor's family keeps the somehow still intact ball around, even if just as a joke.

There's a actually seed inside a peach pit.

"Yo they got seeds in there??? [I] thought the pit WAS the seed," writes Redditor solitomatonic, under the shocking post.

And truthfully, we're just as flabbergasted by this discovery because we were also under the impression that a peach's pit was its seed.

While we've apparently had it wrong this whole time, other Redditors already knew this fact.

"You ever crack open an almond in the shell? Same basic thing (in fact almonds and all stone fruits are closely related botanically)," shares user DeliciousPumpkinPie.

Hey, you learn something new every day!