People Share Their Answers To What Makes Someone 'That Person That Everyone Hates'

When someone on Reddit asked the internet what screams 'that person that everyone hates?' people certainly didn't hold back.

Instead, they revealed answers that arguably everyone has thought of at some point or another but were too polite to share.

So grab a pillow to shout into and dive in, these brutally honest responses that hit a little too close to home are sure to get your blood boiling.

"Calls all mandatory meetings at 4:30 on Fridays." — Mec26

Unsplash | Dylan Gillis

Who schedules a meeting right before the end of day on a Friday? Well, apparently this Redditor's boss does. And surprisingly, they're not alone in this horrid act.

Many other Reddit users were quick to add to the thread, detailing just how terrible their managers are at ruining their beginning to the weekend, as well as the clever ways they got around it.

"This is why I typically insert a meeting from 4-5 on my calendar on Fridays. Prevents anyone from scheduling an actual meeting," shares Redditor Express-Newspaper806. How devilishly brilliant!

"The one-upper who often invalidates others instead of supporting them." — sumichica

"When you tell them that something bad happened they gotta complain how they have it worse than you like they're in a pain contest," the user went on to explain.

Let's be real, we've all had an encounter with a person who intentionally turns everything into a competition.

Perhaps, it's just an odd way of showing they can relate to our own dilemmas. Or maybe they're just a not-so-nice person who lacks any real empathy.

Honestly, we may never know the answer.

"The people who drive through residential neighborhoods late on weeknights with their ridiculous sound systems blaring music so loud that it shakes the windows of your house." — EndoShota

Yeah, this is pretty much as terrible as it gets on the annoying scale of moderately unbearable to completely obnoxious.

But one Redditor offers an explanation as to why people feel the need to blast their music late at night.

"You just don't understand how important bagpipe music is to me and that I must share my love for it, with everyone in [a two]-mile radius," says user bbpr120, and it was the perfect comic relief needed to keep us from boiling over in genuine anger.

"People who blast their obnoxious music out loud on public transport." — Elitus-Meatus

From zooming cars to slow public transit rides, people don't seem to get that not everyone needs to hear what they're listening to.

When a loud car drives by your home it only lasts a few seconds. But being stuck on a bus with someone who's blaring their music for your whole ride home is absolutely torturous.

Someone needs to take one for the team and tell these serial music blasters that headphones exist for a reason.

"People who are rude to servers/retail workers." — DirtyPootsy

Anyone who's worked in the food or retail industries is familiar with those customers that make doing your job a total nightmare.

Whether it be a dispute regarding a store's return policy or a medium-rare steak sent back several times because it wasn't cooked to their liking, rude consumers always seem to find a way to ruin an employee's day.

So it only seems natural that being such a customer is fuel for others to keep their distance.

"The people that leave their cart in the middle of the parking lot. Those people are the worst." — chaos8803

This Redditor wasn't the only one to think so. Other users jumped onto the thread, sharing their disdain towards abandoned shopping carts.

"Had to get out of my car today to move a cart out of the only parking spot I could find because someone left [it] at the back of the spot," writes Redditor KevinW0085. "I was like 3 spots away from a cart return."

Wow, talk about serious frustration!

"Overly competitive for no reason, even on co-op games." — AskinggAlesana

"If you win they get butthurt, if they win they throw it in your face," the user continued in their post.

Yup, we all have one of those overly competitive friends that borderlines on being infuriating every time you try playing a sport or board game with them.

For the sake of your friendship, you may suppress the urge to call them out for their arrogance after a goal. Or even worse, you look the other way when they throw a tantrum over your very fair Monopoly win.

"The person who starts rushing up the aisle once the plane lands rather than waiting for their row to exit." — bauhaus83i

There's a procedure for a reason, so it's understandable for people to get annoyed by others that try to cheat their wait by cutting in front of the rows before them.

However, some Redditors suggested explanations as to why someone could reasonably want to rush off a plane.

"Could be trying to get to a connecting gate if flight took off after schedule," shares Redditor QuitClearly, who does raise a logical point. Although, a heads up would be nice before the person pushes their way through.

"If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best." — Those_Good_Vibes

"I've never met anyone that has sincerely said this and not been a total dumpster fire of a person," the Redditor explained.

Wow, equating another human to a dumpster fire is certainly a new insult that really needs to catch on. It may be a little mean, but it somehow makes total sense. Doesn't it?

"Entitled people who think everyone owes them something." — AylaZelanaGrebiel

The Reddit user isn't the only one to believe this. Other Redditors posted their support of the comment, even going so far as to share their own experiences.

"I literally had Boomer and Gen X coworkers like this. It pissed me off to know they think I owe them something because [I] am younger," writes Redditor FirefighterNice9462.

The user also revealed that as a Millennial, they were constantly told by their coworkers that people their age expect everything to be handed to them.

Talk about total hypocrisy!

"When the whole class sighs when that person raises their arm." — UnusualRegularity

Whether it be high school or college, we've all at some point come into contact with that person. You may recognize them as the student who somehow always knows the answer and feels the constant need to prove it to the entire class.

Maybe you're familiar with them as the devil's advocate who has to 'hypothetically' challenge everything that's discussed by their peers.

Or worst of all, you acknowledge this person as the one student who reminds an instructor that no homework was given five minutes before the bell rings.

"AnDrOiD iS fOr PoOr PeOpLe." — reddit_vs_insta

Most Andriod users would likely agree that at one point or another they've had to put up with derogatory comments like this one.

And to that, we share in the sentiments of Redditor Graveyard_Raven who wrote under the thread: "Who cares about the phone you have."

And honestly, who really does care. Because all smartphones — whether it be an Android or iPhone — do nearly all the same things.

"That guy that blows passed you and cuts you off in their modded out truck." — SeaBagull

Then you pull up at the same red light and make sure to get a good satisfactory glimpse of them. Because passing you clearly wasn't that effective since you're both stopped at the same spot.

Before you turn your head away and back towards your windshield, you may even mouth the words "didn't get so far, now did you?"

Karma sure can be sweet.

"Using their zodiac sign to justify their actions." — scorpiodesertcarbon

We're not sure who needs to hear this, but you don't get to blame your poor treatment of people on astrology.

Sure, a Gemini may be known to have a 'two-faced' personality. However, this shouldn't be used as an excuse for someone who constantly talks badly behind another's back just because they're born in that zodiac.

"Literally anybody who litters." — Krajj69

It would have been fine for the Redditor to leave it there because anybody who throws their garbage on the ground is the literal worst.

But the user continued their post and we're even more infuriated by what they shared.

"I was litter-picking earlier. I could see a bin from the location of every piece of litter I collected," they write.

Could these litterbugs not walk a few more steps to properly dispose of their garbage? Clearly not.

"Impulsively brings an acoustic guitar to anything that's not a performance. Ex: Dinner party, birthday, picnic in the park, baby shower...." — cgulash

This may be an annoyance to the Redditor, but another user disagreed. Actually, they encouraged the impulse of bringing a guitar anywhere a guitarist travels.

"There is never a bad time for smelly cat," writes Redditor Rahallahan. And honestly, they make a compelling case.

"The person who turns everything into a heated argument." — Ixpqd

"Like my brother, who has no idea how to formulate an argument and just ends up insulting the other person," the Redditor continued in their post. "It's annoying as hell and I'm surprised he has friends."

Clearly, this sibling has had enough of their brother's inability to have a mature conversation, whether it turns into a diplomatic debate or not.

And we can't blame them. Dealing with this type of person could make anyone lose their sense of patience.

"Being constantly late to everything. That kinda shows you don't care at all." — ExLavitz

It could be as simple as a family dinner or as significant as a work meeting, but being late to either sends the same message — you couldn't really bother to be on time.

Of course, unpredictable events happen that can result in tardiness. But a constant disregard for others' schedules is kind of the worst.