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People Share The Strangest Things That Happened To Them While Pregnant

Ah, pregnancy.

It's both a blessing and a curse. The latter strictly because there are so many unsettling symptoms that come with carrying a child.

You have the highly-talked about: morning sickness, back pain, and weight gain.

But what about the lesser-known symptoms? They happen, too. Things like crazy pregnancy dreams, weird body hair, and a lot of gas.

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Changes in shoe size.

This is the result of feet swelling during pregnancy since your body is producing more fluid.

As a result, some have noticed that their feet have increased in width and length, even permanently for some.

They were gassy... a lot.

This happens as a result of your body producing more progesterone.

This relaxes muscles in your body, including your intestines, leading to more burps, farts, and bloating. Such a treat for everyone!

They had trapped farts.

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While some pregnant women are extremely gassy, some have gas trapped inside them, making relief impossible.

"I would kill to fart. I'm a gas monster too BUT IT WON'T COME OUT," shared one Redditor.

Everyone feels entitled to their body.


"They comment on your weight, your moods, the foods you eat, everyone is a critic and will tell you what to do and how to do it. They will also think that its perfectly ok to touch and rub your belly without your consent. You will get weird looks in public." - Redditor deleted


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The sad truth is that they happen a lot more often than you'd think, yet people don't really talk about them.

It's why most women don't share their pregnancy news until after six weeks.

Crazy pregnancy dreams.


"Now it's almost nightly. And my subconscious holds on so strongly to the fact that I'm pregnant that I've had several dreams where I could drink alcohol or do some dangerous physical thing but my dream brain won't even let me!" - Redditor pogoBear

They pee themselves.

Your water breaking isn't the only time you leak!

Many pregnant women experience this, whether they are laughing or just doing nothing. The key is to find the humor in it, like this Redditor did.

Their sex life increased drastically.

"Pregnant sex is the BEST!!! All of the extra blood flow to the area makes awesome sexy times. Never before has it been so easy for me to get off. Now if only the belly didn't make positions so awkward..." - Redditor Liliumparadoxum

The insane urge to pee from ultrasounds.

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Hollywood makes this process look so easy. In reality, you have to guzzle litres of liquid beforehand and hold it in. Then, you'll be left waiting for a long time like every other doctor appointment.

Their periods got a lot longer.

Joy... NOT!

"After my second pregnancy, my periods were suddenly twice as long. I was freaked out until my OB explained that pregnancy and childbirth can reset your cycle so that you have a new normal." - Lisa

Their body hair changed.

This differs for everyone.

While one woman had the hair fall out of their legs and not grow back until three months after their son was born, another had plastic-looking hair grow out of stretch marks!

The amount of unsolicited advice.


“How often complete strangers with give you advice or comment on the large coffee you are slurping or how big your bump is. (‘Are you sure your due date is right? Is there more than one baby in there?’)” —Laura C.

Their hair texture changed.

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Want a different hair texture naturally, try pregnancy. "I used to have extremely curly hair, and after my pregnancies, the texture has completely changed. It's slightly wavy now—I can't curl it if I try!" —Cheryl

Their partner got weirded out to be intimate with them.

“I was not prepared in the least for my husband to be 100 percent incapable of having sex with me while I was pregnant. Both times, he’s been like, 'CANNOT DO IT—IT’S WEIRD AND WRONG.' —Jess D.

They can't buy shoes with laces.

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In addition to your feet potentially getting bigger, you have to say goodbye to your favorite lace-ups shoes for the time being.

That's because anything besides slip-ons is impossible to get on with your bump in the way.

Having to buy all new bras.

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"I’d heard your breasts could increase somewhat during pregnancy but never really thought about having to shell out major coin on maternity bras. I’m normally a D or DD cup; during pregnancy, I went up to a G cup." —Tamar S.

Simple tasks become extremely difficult.

Want to roll over in bed? Give yourself five hours. Trying to shave your legs in the shower? Good luck. With your body going through so many changes, expect a different lifestyle.

Their sense of smell completely changed.

"I was surprised by how intense my sense of smell was in the first trimester. I could not go in the butcher’s shop, had to get my husband to put the kitchen garbage outside at times and banned fish from the house." —Bonnie S.

They lost their appetite.

While some women crave everything during pregnancy, some struggle to eat for one, much less two.

Add in morning sickness and it's no wonder some women have to force themselves to get food down.

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