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Woman Wonders If She's Wrong For Having A Family Dinner After Her Sister's Wedding

Every family is different, with different dynamics, traditions, and even problems. For some families, drama rules over a majority of relationships and therefore family events. When you don't get along with someone in your family, or their significant other, it can put a rift in between you and them. And, in the long run, it can put the rest of the family in an uncomfortable position.

Recently, one woman wrote into Reddit asking for advice over some drama she had with her sister.

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The 26-year-old Reddit user said that her 30-year-old sister was getting married, and she decided not to attend because she did not get along well with her sister's soon-to-be husband.

She said she wanted her sister to have a "happy day" and not have to have her there as the "Debby downer."

For the wedding, many out-of-town relatives came in.

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The Reddit user wanted to see some of her family members who came in for the wedding, as many are getting older and won't be around forever.

So, she decided to plan a little get-together where she could see them, without having to attend the wedding.

She decided to plan a family dinner, right after the wedding.

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"I figured that I would host a family dinner later in the evening from the wedding as most family members are scheduled to leave on Sunday or Monday and everyone would be split up," she wrote in the Reddit post.

The sister even tried to "plan it accordingly" around the timing of the wedding.

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"The wedding began at 11 am and the dinner was scheduled to begin at 5pm. I do live about an hour from the venue, so I knew most people would be on the road by 4 pm but I figured that seeing as the wedding started at 11, 5 hours would be plenty of time for everyone to visit and mingle with Jess at the actual wedding," she added.

When her sister, the bride, found out, she was livid.

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"At around 4:30 Jess called me, completely irate, yelling, swearing and just generally saying harsh things about how I’d stolen her guests and ruined her day in multiple ways, especially since I didn’t invite her and Jay to the dinner," she shared.

The Reddit user thinks she did everything "by the book," as she wanted to make it less tension on the wedding day.

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She claims that by making it after the wedding and avoiding all conflict with her sister and her husband, she was looking out for everyone's best interest.

But, her sister didn't see it that way.

"Jess sent me an incredibly nasty message and has blocked me from her Instagram and Facebook. I’m unsure of whether or not she blocked my phone number or if she’s just not responding," she shared.

Many people on Reddit felt the OP was totally in the wrong.

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One Reddit user said she didn't try to "rain on her parade" and instead, stole it.

"No, you didn’t rain on their parade you straight up stole it.

You couldn’t manage to get over yourself and put a smile on for a few hours to be at your sisters wedding and if that’s not bad enough you straight up stole her guests from the reception and you don’t think your TA? You are sorely mistaken.

This is absolutely awful and you should be ashamed of yourself for ruining your sister’s wedding," one person commented.

Others believe the Reddit user did this "on purpose" because she dislikes her brother-in-law.

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"I’m having a hard time believing that you didn’t do this on purpose to spite them. You took a chunk of their big day. Couldn’t you at least have waited until the next day for your dinner," another asked.

Another said she put her family in a terrible position.

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"You're putting family in a position where they have to pick sides between you and your sister when they came all the way there to celebrate. You took an event that was supposed to bring families together and made it divisive," someone added to the comments.

Do you agree?

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