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People Are Sharing The Strangest Things They Learned About Their Partners During Quarantine

Being stuck with someone 24/7 can bring out the good in them — and the bad.

That was the case with couples all around the world ever since the world shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While some couples grew closer together, many broke up. Some also learned some very strange things about their partner...

TW: This article contains depictions or discussions of addiction and eating disorders and may be triggering to some readers.

That their girlfriend is extremely stubborn.

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One Redditor broke things off with his girlfriend after discovering that she is unwilling to change her ways, even if deeply affected him.

Sounds like he made the right decision.

That they're addicted to video games.


When you're locked inside day after day, you have to find some way to pass the time.

This guy's girlfriend soon showed her obsession with video games by playing them constantly.

Whether he played with her or not is another story.

That they're exactly the same at work as they are at home.

The joys of working from home and Zoom calls taught this girlfriend that!

She said that he doesn't have a "work voice" or a formal way of speaking. He's just himself, which she loves.

That their eating disorder is worse than they thought.

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A negative side effect of quarantine is that it largely affected people's mental health. Sadly, this Redditor found that their girlfriend's eating disorder was way worse than she portrayed it to be.

"And is so anxious about choking on food that she won’t eat certain things," they added.

That their girlfriend farts... a lot.

Spend enough time with someone and you'll discover everything about them, including how often they pass gas.

For this person, it was a lot more than they ever expected. Hey, at least they're comfortable?

That they can't watch movies with their wife.


"She likes to pause it every 5 minutes and talk about whatever just happened. Let’s chat afterwards, eh? I’m not asking for total silence, but we can analyze and break down scenes when it’s over or if we watch it again, not on the first time though." - Redditor feedmeacid

That their fiancé cheated on them.

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Yikes. This person found all the nudes and sexts their fiancé sent to another person.

They also slept with said person a week before they proposed... This certainly makes living together during quarantine uncomfortable.

That their girlfriend is a functioning alcoholic.

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"She takes her online classes and sneaks vodka or whiskey while taking tests. She thinks I don't notice. But she's obvious when she's drunk. She didn't talk to me for about 3 days when I brought it up." - Redditor cheeseweezle

That their girlfriend handles stress differently.

Since working from home was new for a lot of people, there was an adjustment period.

This Redditor found that their girlfriend was unable to leave her work behind because of it. This made her crabby to be around.

That their girlfriend babies their cat.

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"I've caught my partner giving our cat a bubble bath and then carrying him around telling him what a fresh little cat-man-dude he is. Can't decide who is stranger in that situation." - Redditor squeekycheeze

That their boyfriend is a compulsive liar.


This Redditor wrote that their partner lied about their children's teacher dying...

Regardless of the situation, this is the ultimate dealbreaker to get out of that relationship.

That they have nothing in common.


Quarantine truly shed a light on the strengths (and weaknesses) of relationships.

"We’ve out grown each other. I’ve talked about ending things but that didn’t go well. And now I can’t move out because of quarantine." - Redditor hedgehog-mom-al.

That their girlfriend is incredibly lazy.

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Whether it's cleaning, feeding the pets, picking up after herself, or taking out the trash, this Redditor's girlfriend hates to do menial chores.

And it's causing major strain in their relationship.

That they don't see a future with their girlfriend.


"I think I learned while I love her, I can’t see myself marrying her, if that makes sense. We just aren’t as compatible as we once were. We also drive each other absolutely mad." - Redditor ryanino

How much their boyfriend is on the computer.

From the morning they wake up to the time they fall asleep, this Redditor's boyfriend is glued to the screen.

They only stop to use the restroom or eat some food, which is a major red flag.

That their wife is extremely grumpy at work.

"She's in HR and hires people, she's got a grump look on her face every time I see her during the workday. It's offputting because she's a pretty happy person IME, just work makes her grumpy it seems." - Redditor such-a-mensch

That their boyfriend pretended to like the same food as they did.

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This is strangely adorable. This person's boyfriend pretended to like eggs over medium for the first year they were together.

But quarantine has shown that he actually likes scrambled eggs the best.

That their boyfriend sleeps in really late.

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"I always left before him, woke him up to say bye, and that’s when he got up for the day. Except now I’m working from home and his deaf alarm goes off every 10 minutes for 40 frickin minutes." - Redditor iluvcuppycakes

That they're girlfriend is a hermit.

This Redditor's partner didn't need a pandemic to tell them to stay inside.

They do that all the time anyway! This means that their life didn't really change once quarantine kicked in.

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