Stranger Intervenes After Spotting A 'Weird' Man Creeping On A Young Woman

The story I'm about to share is, unfortunately, something many women will be able to relate to. Far too many times women have been placed in uncomfortable positions with intrusive men who will not leave them alone.

In a viral video, a young man steps in and helps reduce this young woman from being harassed and sets an example for men everywhere on what to do to help women in these situations.

TikTok user @thebrandonrobert showed not only his character but set a great example for men everyone by intervening in a scary situation.

His parents should be proud as a video of him helping rescue a woman from an uncomfortable encounter is going viral.

In the video, which now has over 16 million likes, Brandon documents his conversation.

The first on-screen caption reads, "There is a weird man making this girl uncomfortable in the store. [I'm] going to pretend I know her."

He does just that, walking up to her and greeting her like an old friend.

The woman off-screen immediately clues in and plays along, which is detailed by on-screen text once again.

Viewers can instantly hear the relief in this young woman's voice.

After Brandon acknowledges the man, the woman makes an uneasy noise in return. Brandon takes this as his cue to make up a fake story to get them both out of there.

He adds to the story, saying his aunt is there.

"Oh, Aunt Claire?" the girl responds, building to the story.

He then asks if she wants to come with him to see her and quickly gets her away from the man.

Once they've walked away from the man, Brandon asks if she's okay.

She says yes, but the other man had been asking if she wanted to come with him back to his place.

"Thank you so much," the woman repeats several times.

"Yeah of course, no worries," he replies before the pair goes their separate ways and the video ends.

The video quickly went viral for showing men the right way to an ally to women in these situations.

"Thank you for helping her out. It's pretty sad how often girls have to deal with situations like this," wrote one viewer.

"Thank you man. We need more of this. More awareness," echoed another.

Someone even asked if "Aunt Claire" should become a universal code name for women in distress.

Of course, some people had their criticisms, and questioned why he felt the need to film this act of kindness.

However, most people understood that he filmed it in an effort to show men how to help and intervene in a non-confrontational way.

"So many guys assume they have to get confrontational to intervene/help," explained one person. "They don't. What you did was perfect."

We absolutely need to see more of this initiative from men!

Way to go, Brandon!