Boyfriend Calls Mom 'Inappropriate' For Telling Child Where Babies Come From

One unfortunate reality of being a mom seems to be that for every decision they make, it seems that someone is waiting in the wings to criticize them for it.

Whether it's because their houses aren't clean enough for some people, they think moms somehow shouldn't bring their kids out in public with them, or because they had a necessary medical procedure while giving birth, it seems that the mommy shaming is real out here.

But while it can hurt when it comes from strangers, it hits particularly hard when it's happening within the family. And that's why one mom is sharing her story after a recent argument with her boyfriend.

Before she shared her dilemma, one mom explained that she is pregnant with her boyfriend's baby.

As she wrote in a Reddit post, she recently told her four-and-a-half-year-old son from a previous marriage that he's about to be a big brother.

This compelled the child to ask how the baby was going to come out of her.

And while her answer was stated in simple terms, it was an honest one that covered multiple possibilities.

As she said, "So I told him one of two ways, either from the mother’s vagina or they have to cut the mommy’s belly open and take the baby out, sewing it back shut after."

Once she shared this information, she assured him that she would be OK either way and he seemed to accept this answer and moved along.

But while the conversation with her child went without incident, it was a different story when she mentioned it to her boyfriend.

He told her that he thought it was "weird" and "inappropriate" that she shared this information with her son.

In her words, "I asked what he would have said and he said he would have placated him and gotten out of answering it."

This left her feeling upset that he took a moment that she intended to be about how excited her son is to be big brother to criticize her for answering his question.

And it didn't help when, as she relayed, "He said that he doesn’t think it’s wrong to tell me his opinion and if I’d rather, he just won’t tell me his opinions."

The Reddit community she shared this story with already thought she was in the right, but they especially weren't impressed with the boyfriend's last remark.

As one user said, "It is a really, really bad sign when your four year old handles difficult discussions more maturely than the father of your next child."

In the words of another, "Yeah dude... because that was the issue here. She has a problem with ALL your opinions, not just this one."

That aside, commenters thought the mom responded perfectly when addressing that classic question so many adults find uncomfortable to answer.

As one wrote, "We need more of this, not less. Children are capable of dealing with basic biology. The truth won't harm them, but lies will."

As another put it, "The kid doesn't need the facts hidden from him behind some stork-drops-baby-down-the-chimney BS. Well done. Reality based childhood is a good thing."

What do you think of how she handled the situation? Let us know in the comments!

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