37-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To 10 Children After 'Only' Expecting 8

Kate Gosselin has got nothing on 37-year-old Gosiame Sithole, the South African mother of 10 who recently gave birth to her double-digit miracle babies after expecting "only" 8 children.

Once you've picked your jaw up off the floor, I can tell you more about this incredible mother's strength, and how she's set to become a world record holder!

Editors Note: Since publication, the authenticity of this story and the health of Sithole has been brought into question. After an investigation, reports out of South Africa suggest no sign of the babies could be found. Read more on this developing story here.

37-year-old Gosiame Sithole has been living in disbelief since finding out she was pregnant with multiples.

As IOL reported, the mom from Ekurhuleni, South Africa was initially told that she would be having six children.

"I didn’t believe it. I doubted it" Gosiame told the publication.

"I was convinced that if it was more, it would be twins or triplets, not more than that... When the doctor told me, I took time to believe it. Even when I saw the scans I didn't believe it. But, as time went by, I realized it was indeed true. I battled to sleep at night though."

Understandably, the expectant mother was filled with anxiety about her babies.

"How would they fit in the womb? Would they survive? What if they came out conjoined at the head, in the stomachs or hands? Like, what would happen?"

Her fears were likely deepened when doctors discovered that two other fetuses were in "the wrong tube" and Gosiames scans actually showed *eight* babies.

Unsplash | John Looy

Of course, we now know Gosiame was actually carrying 10 children all along!

Understandably, this made her pregnancy incredibly high-risk.

Unsplash | Solen Feyissa

Understandably, this made her pregnancy incredibly high-risk. Although her womb eventually showed expansion, it was still a near-certainty that the babies would be small, which compromises their chances of survival.

"I am shocked by my pregnancy. It was tough at the beginning," Gosiame admitted.

"I was sick. It was hard for me. It’s still tough but I am used to it now. I don’t feel the pain anymore, but it’s still a bit tough."

"I just pray for God to help me deliver all my children in a healthy condition, and for me and my children to come out alive."

Unsplash | K A D M I E L

"I would be pleased about it,” she added.

At 29 weeks into her pregnancy, Gosiame's prayers were answered as doctors intervened and gave her a C-section.

Her seven boys and three girls would spend months in incubators. At last report, all of her babies are doing well.

Although she had already had twins six years ago, neither her nor her husband Teboho Tsotetsi could have expected that even eight children at once were possible.

Unsplash | Kelly Sikkema

"I could not believe it. I felt like one of God’s chosen children. I felt blessed to be given these kinds of blessings when many people out there need children," he told IOL.

"It’s a miracle which I appreciate," he continued.

"I had to go do my own research on whether a person could really conceive eight children. It was a new thing. I knew about twins, triplets and even quadruplets. But after I found out that these things do happen, and saw my wife’s medical records, I got even more excited. I can’t wait to have them in my arms."

Gosiame's pregnancy is now under review by the Guinness World Records committee.

As reported by the Kempton Express, if all 10 of her children are verified, Gosiame will break a world record for the most children born in one pregnancy — as she deserves!

Congratulations to Gosiame, hubby Teboho, and their beautiful babies!