Floating Pong Table Means The Fun Doesn't Have To Leave The Pool This Summer

Everyone knows that a good game of Pong is a summertime party staple. All that's really needed is a table and some solo cups.

Until now, there's been an inherent dilemma: does one cool off by taking a dip in the water, or does one stay on land in order to play Pong?

Finally, there appears to be a way to play Pong in the water. I'll explain.

You all know Pong, right?

Lots of people turn this into a drinking game, but at its heart, this is a noble party game of skill and luck. The rules are simple: bounce a ping pong ball along a table, and try to get it in a cup.

Just look at this monstrosity.

It's like a standard flat floatie, only it has grooves built into it to support a triangle-shaped formation of solo cups.

If it actually works, it may be the best summer party invention of all time.

Yes, there are pics of it in action.

I mean, it looks pretty legit, but I fear that the balls might not have a "true" bounce on its grooved surface. The fact that there are only pics, but no videos, only heightens my suspicions.

"This stylish and functional beer pong table is made from premium-quality materials, which keeps it strong and durable for several years to come."

This description basically says that this will be a novelty for a brief period, but the ravages of time will eventually puncture it, rendering it useless.

Would you buy one?

You can find it here for what it's worth, but Diply in no way guarantees its quality.

Let us know if this is something you'd consider for your summer bash in the comments section!

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