Stop The Search! Mayim Bialik And LeVar Burton Should Co-Host 'Jeopardy!'

After months of fans begging for it, Mayim Bialik is finally hosting Jeopardy!. Last week, the sitcom legend took to the podium to host everyone's favorite trivia show and luckily for fans, she's doing a two-week run!

After her first week hosting, it was clear fans wanted to keep Mayim around for the long haul which is fantastic, except there's still one more person we need to see host — LeVar Burton!

Of course, the Jeopardy! community is still mourning the loss of long-time host Alex Trebek, who lost his battle with cancer last year.

Since Alex's death, various celebrities have been brought in to try and fill the void while the show searches for a full-time replacement.

If you're a frequent watcher of the show, you will know they've already had many celebs take a crack at the gig.

It's easy to see why Alex Trebek was the only host of the trivia show for so long — it's not an easy gig.

After her first week of hosting, Mayim Bialik quickly became the fan-favorite host.

And we actually have her son to thank for it all!

At the beginning of Monday’s episode, the actress made sure to give a shoutout to her eldest son for pushing her to do the show!

"As I start my second week of guest-hosting ‘Jeopardy!,’ I want to thank my 15-year-old, Miles," she told viewers.

"He was the one who first suggested I give this a try and I hope I am making him and his little brother, Frederick, proud."

During an interview on the official *Jeopardy!* YouTube channel last month, Mayim revealed it was her eldest son who told her and encouraged her.

"My older son is the one who originally said ‘Did you know they’re looking for Jeopardy! hosts? I saw on the internet that maybe you should find out," she explained.

"So, he was really, really proud," she smiled.

And her son has every right to be proud.

He really isn't the only one, either! Social media has been blowing up in support of Mayim.

Fans completely fell in love with her.

"Loving Mayim Bialik as the Jeopardy host!" tweeted one user.

"Of course she'd be great. She's sweet, personable & very smart," someone else added.

"Mayim Bialik is doing great! Smart, controlled and confident. One of the best cohosts by far," one wrote.

Another shared that they "didn't expect this" but that she's their favorite guest host so far.

And while I'd love to stop the search now, it's important to remember we're still waiting to see LeVar Burton's host!

As you may recall, fans petitioned for the Reading Rainbow star to get a crack at hosting and he finally will be at the end of July!

My solution? Have Mayim and LeVar co-host the show!

Whether it's alternating days or weeks, I'm sure people would be thrilled to see these two iconic faces on the Jeopardy! stage.

I think they would both bring the same heart, humour and joy that Alex did!

I'm really looking forward to seeing LeVar's Jeopardy! hosting skills — I'm sure he will be fantastic!

What do you think of my co-hosting idea? Let us know in the comments below!