People Who Hit The Thrift Store Jackpot Share Their 10+ Finds Online

There's a certain satisfaction in a good thrift score that can't be felt anywhere else.

From designer goods to family heirlooms, thrifting can be rewarding — and hilarious. Let's check out some of the best finds people have come across.

Oh, and try not to be jealous. Some of these are really good.

Let's start off with something I would have a small heart attack if I found.

UM, HELLO? For some perspective, SMEG toasters normally retail for over $200. This one was found at a yard sale for $20. If you need me, I'll be over here burning with jealousy.

This sofa is STUNNING.

"My boyfriend found this vintage sofa on Facebook marketplace for $100! We were the second party to inquire - luckily the first people never showed up to pick it up! We just finished fully cleaning it and re-stuffing the seat cushions."

This entire costume is god-tier.

What's good, Mary McFly? This entire Back to the Future costume was thrifted. That vest is a good find — I can't remember the last time I saw a red, puffy vest in stores.

What sounds illegal, but isn't?


This purchase.

"When the checker asked me what this was, I muttered that it’s for making coffee and ran away. $1200 La Pavoni Europiccola espresso maker for $6.50 at Goodwill. My coffee dreams have now been fulfilled."

This has to be one of the most wholesome thrift finds ever.

"Found at local Goodwill: an exact copy of the sweater my mom has owned for at least a couple decades."

There's no way I'd be able to resist picking up a sweater that matches one my mom owns! This is cute af.

This interaction is hilarious.

'Me: “How much are these? There’s no price.” Lady: “$10 for both.”'

Oh sure, just a cheeky $10 for some LE CREUSET. No big deal. These two would retail for over $300.

What were the odds?

"The thrift gods were once again gracious to me, I got that suit jacket several months ago and just yesterday found the matching pants at Goodwill!" And it's an awesome suit, too!

I love wedding dress stories!

This gorgeous dress was Reddit user baltering_magdalene's dream dress. She found it at Goodwill for a mere $40, and the craziest part? It fit perfectly! I'd call that fate.

Is this couch universally appealing? No. Is it awesome? YES.

"My greatest fb marketplace purchase to date. $300. Do I have enough friends to fill it? No. Do my dogs treat it like a racing track, absolutely."

That shape is AWESOME.

Normalize men wearing whatever they want!!!

"Internalized homophobia and misogyny I thought I had long ago dealt with has always kept me from exploring this side of myself. Well, on my last thrift run I said to hell with that, and when I tell you I have never felt so elegant, I mean that in a heart changing way."


I love when people find family heirlooms at thrift stores.

"30 years ago my late great grandfather shut down his men’s clothing store. Today I bought a suit tailored by him nearly 400 miles away in a Goodwill."

I would simply die if I found this.

This is a more expensive thrift find, but it would totally be worth the price. It would go for way more than $150 at West Elm, let's be real.

This one made me burst out laughing.

"This professionally made nutcracker/prince outfit for $10."

I think my favorite part is his facial expression. That's the face of a man who knows the meme power he just unlocked with his purchase.

This find turned out to be a long-lost piece of family history.

"Went to the Goodwill to pick up something, and saw a painting that looked just like one my grandmother would have painted. IT WAS HER PAINTING!! To my knowledge, they were sold about 25 years ago. I thought they were lost forever. Guess I will be stopping every day for a while."