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In New Viral Trend, People Are Sharing How Attractive Their Parents Were 'Back In The Day'

Father's Day is right around the corner!

And what better way to celebrate than by sharing how hot your dad used to be when he was younger?!

No, really. That's the latest trend popping up on TikTok, and it has us feeling some sort of way.

Spoiler: there are a lot of hot #Daddies. And a lot of attractive moms as well!

The internet is full of #throwbacks.

We post an old photo every Thursday to remind people of that one tropical vacation we took and share old photos of us as kids to remind the world of how cute we were.

There are even Instagram accounts like @oldschooldads that allow people to boast about how cool their parents were.

While there a lot of mullets, tye-dye shirts, and "dad" sneakers, there are also a lot of attractive pics from dads back in the day.

It's pretty intense. Some of the NSFW pictures also prove that our parents were once wild and carefree like us in their younger years.

The same goes for the account @oldschoolmoms account.

These two have been doing Hot Girl Summer before it was even a thing!

It's a blast from the past with the other photos. There are moms in Miami Vice-inspired blazers, moms with permed hair, and some even rocking their youth with a cigarette in their mouths!

Now, the humblebrag continues on TikTok with photos of people sharing photos of their parents in the '90s.

They do so while the song, “You Know How We Do It,” by Ice Cube.

In @redhobellapepper_'s video, for instance, she shares photos of her parents who have been together since they were 15.

Comments along the lines of "they're so pretty" and "ugh I hope this can be me and my bf" soon rolled in.

In another video, user @adriannlee shared how his dad used to look like a K-Pop star in high school. I mean, he literally does.

And as a K-Pop star, he had tons of fans in the comments.

"Hold on I'm about to invent time travel," wrote one. "HE WAS FINNNNNNE ASFFF," added another.

Another joked that the TikToker's dad "would've left me on read and ghosted me." He was just that good-looking.

This guy's mom was a pro at makeup back in the day.

The black eyeliner and red lip combo are serving some serious Selena vibes! "Okay, but my mom kind of popped off," the son wrote.

People loved the '90s nostalgia. "The 90s was the best period," one wrote.

One user showed off their mom and dad back in the day.

A lot of people were crushing on the person's dad. Meanwhile, the mom's 2000s eyebrows were a topic of discussion.

"I have about as much patience as ur mums brows," one wrote. Others said that their moms' had the same look.

You can definitely tell that the mom was the one running the show.

"Tell your mom she's an icon," someone commented.

Sadly, there were some negative comments, like from this one user who dared to write, "Ghetto vibes." So rude! For the most part, though, users loved the throwback.

For your viewing pleasure, here's another hot dad from the '90s.

@bitcoin121 dad could've been a model!

He passed on his good genes to his son, at least, like one person pointed out. Another offered to be the user's new stepmom since his dad is so fine.

Unfortunately, the dad is already taken, as evident by the picture @bitcoin121 shared of his parents together.

Oh well, there are clearly many more attractive parents to feast your eyes on TikTok! You can find more videos of the trend here.

Would you share an attractive picture of your parents from back in the day? Let us know!