30 People Who Aren’t The Luckiest

It can often seem as though you are the unluckiest person on the planet from time to time. However, the people on this list might have something to say about that!

So, from people whose gardens got infested by the most hardcore racoons imaginable to individuals who got into very unfortunate eyewear situations, here are 20 people who aren't the luckiest!

"Raccoons climbed in my garage window and ate all my raccoon repellant."

What are the odds that this poor person would have their garden infested by a racoon that is addicted to racoon repellant?

"In June 2010, I was only missing one good number to win $50 million."

They did win $5,000, but $50,000,000 would have been a slightly sweeter deal I reckon.

"'We sterilize every flight' but apparently do not remove human hair from a cup holder do we JetBlue?"

"Excuse me, there's a load of human hair in my cupholder."

"Oh, don't worry sir, that's complimentary!"

"That...that's not my point."

"That time my brother-in-law came to visit."

Yellow was a weird color to decide upon for the frosting, especially considering the context.

"Not the best Monday."

"I'll show you! That'll teach you to stop copying me!"

"Dave I think that it's just a..."

"Shut up and peck!"

"The store I work at lost power for 20 minutes and we had to throw out $1000+ of meat and cheese because it was 3 degrees above what we can keep."

This is definitely terrible for the store, but I know that I would be having one hell of a feast if I worked there that's for sure!

"We picked up the new bed for the dog today."

Ah yes, that dog seems to be really enjoying the new bed! I think he might be sleeping in the cat's old bed for tonight though.

"My dog got bit by a snake this morning and can't walk, get back from the vet and she got stung by bees..."

God, that is one of the saddest looking dogs that I have ever seen! I hope her luck starts to pick up soon!

"I hate mondays."

Has there ever been a clearer sign that you should just go back to bed and sleep through the day than this?

"The battery on this notebook..."

This is the epitome of mild irritation. Well, aside from James Corden that is.

"This muffin I bought at work appears to have lots of blueberries, but inside it has zero."

I mean, if you're choosing a blueberry muffin over a raspberry muffin then you deserve everything that is coming to you!

What A Lovely Surprise!

I love the idea that their aunt always planned this switcheroo and has been waiting years to pull it off.

"Do not use this chopping board as a chopping board!"

They should have checked that you could chop on this chopping board! That's day one chopping-board-buying etiquette!

"My mum tried to make me a hedgehog themed birthday cake. I love it."

"The theme is now both zombies and hedgehogs!"

"Why's that?"

"Just trust me."

"Irritation Level: Refund."

The person who designed this clearly didn't spend enough time playing with those puzzles where you put the shapes through the corresponding holes as a baby.

"Extra large dog pool..."

Christ alive, I dread to think how small the extra small one is! That will be about the size of an ant!

This Damn Garage!

They managed to get this wrong at every single step of the way. No matter how small or large the detail was, they got it wrong!

"The 'window' seat I booked for my 6 hour train journey."

"Sir, could you please stop cutting a hole in the wall with that axe?"

"Nope, I paid for a window seat and I'm gonna get a window seat!"

"My fancy Oreo donut I was excited for..."

Someone did suggest that this is now the perfect donut as that space can be filled with Baked Beans...and I worry for that person.

"Neighbor payed for tree removal under the table."

Why would you ever cut corners when it comes to removing a tree? Also, why park your car so close when you're cutting said corners!?

"Groundskeeper accidentally sprayed weed killer instead of fertilizer on a school's football field."

This groundskeeper has since been dubbed the "GroundsReaper," which I think is also a fantastic name for a serial killer!

"And you may ask yourself, 'Well... How did I get here?'"

That is the face of an animal that knows exactly how much it has screwed up. The person who posted this did also go on to say that he was eventually freed and is now fine.

"So much for changing the battery."

Well, I would simply consign that car as lost to the spider-folk from now on. I hope they enjoy their time in it!

"Was going to grab an umbrella but I remembered seeing the handle of one in my backseat. I wrongly assumed that meant I had one."

What kind of person keeps the handle of an umbrella in the back of their car anyway? Is everything okay at home?

The Mystery Trampoline Appearance!

This person explained, "It just dropped out of the sky today. I don't even own a trampoline or have kids to give it too. It's not any of the neighbour's on either side of me or behind me. Nobody knows where it came from. All I know is, it's not in kansas anymore."

"Someone's beach hamper got taken over by a swarm of bees on the beach today."

I guess that the person who owns this hamper is an apiarist now. I hope they enjoy their new life of beekeeping!

"Forgot to bring my sunglasses to work. Only pair I had in my car were my toddler's."

Sure they're your "toddler's"! If you want to wear these sunglasses just wear them my man!

"Worst. Delivery. Ever."

The advice of using a broom to get it down is a really nice touch! Such lovely and considerate service!

"Started work and someone spilled 10 litres of milkshake mix in the fridge and didn't say anything."

Everyone has one coworker that they know would be the one to do this and then leave it for someone else to find!

"I ordered a 'sprinkle donut.' They took it VERY literally."

Who knew that ordering something as simple as a donut was this much of a minefield nowadays?!