$20 Hack Can Create A Faux Brick Wall Without Using Any Mortar

Brick is one of those timeless materials that people get really, really divisive over.

If you paint brick, for example, people will either love it or hate it. It's a controversial material with a lot of potential, in my opinion.

However, brick is expensive, and it's damn heavy. That's why TikTok user Jocelyn decided to make her own, and the results are so cool.

Meet Jocelyn.

She's the brains behind @cheekydiyhome, a TikTok account dedicated to trying out interesting, weird, and often stunning DIYs. For this project, she chose to try something she saw but wasn't too sure about.

Alright, so this looks a little crazy.

Even I know that this is not going to be the project for those wary of just slapping spackle on a wall. However, the result is totally worth it, trust me!

This is key: peel it off while everything is still wet.

It is MUCH easier to pull the tape off while the material is still wet. Once it's dry, it'll chip right off if you pull at the tape. Hard pass.

The final reveal was gorgeous.

Here it is, all painted up! Jocelyn chose to go with a blue/gray palette, which I think was the right move. It's way more modern, and fits her style better than a brick red would!

As usual, TikTok had some opinions.

My favorite internet comments are the ones that make up a scenario and then judge you on the scenario they just made up. It cracks me up big time.

Others actually had some useful tips.

This hack would probably work best as Julia described, as a set piece or as a small scale piece for product photography for a business! You can try it on your wall, of course, but I love seeing how versatile a project can be.

Still others had ideas on how to improve the project.

This is a brilliant idea. While the spackle does have its own texture, you can absolutely add more with a sponge! I love when people have good, positive suggestions.

And, of course, others just weren't into it.

I mean... listen. Yes. The grout was pretty massive. But that is a fixable issue that you can address if you try to make your own wall! That's the fun of DIY — there's always room for improvement.

Would you try this DIY?

Unsplash | Jasmin Schreiber

Sure, it could use some work. But I think it's a great DIY for a basement, since that's a great place to experiment with your style! Would you do it?