Harrison Ford Has His Fedora Back On In Behind-The-Scenes 'Indiana Jones 5' Set Photo

Fans have been eagerly awaiting updates on the upcoming fifth Indiana Jones film ever since The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that action actor Mads Mikkelsen will star alongside Harrison Ford and Phoebe Waller-Bridge in the highly anticipated film.

Now, two months later, fans are finally getting a first look at Harrison Ford, who is back rocking his iconic fedora in a new, viral behind-the-scenes photograph on set.

When it comes to iconic costume pieces, few hats are as memorable as Harrison Ford's fedora.

The only fedora comparable would have to be the iconic white one from Michal Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" music video, but hey — it's hard to compete with the King of Pop!

And while I'm normally not happy to see a fedora on anyone (especially my husband while we're on vacation) I can make an exception for MJ and Mr. Indiana Jones!

Because when Harrison Ford has his fedora on, you know he means business, which is exactly what fans saw when Harrison's co-star Josh Gad posted a pic of the legend in his Indiana Jones uniform!

"All is right in the world," Josh captioned the behind-the-scenes picture.

"Welcome back Dr. Jones."

Naturally, everyone was losing their minds in the comments!

"When I see this I hear that iconic theme playing," commented one fan.

"I heard this on the radio recently and it made my damn day...73 years old...EPIC," echoed another.

"This brings me so much joy and hope," agreed a different fan.

Are you looking forward to the upcoming film? Let us know down below!