Woodworker's Epic 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Bed Was Made For Sweet Dreams

If you've ever met a Nightmare Before Christmas fan, you know how dedicated they can be.

Their passion for the film is understandable. It's an awesome movie, packed with visuals that delight those of us who love Halloween more than we love any other holiday. So, of course a fan of the film would have a custom bed made in its style, right?


This bed is a "Nightmare" lover's dream.

I mean, look at that bed. It's everything the movie embodies and more, from the knotted, twisting frame to the perfectly carved headboard! This would be a collector's prized possession.

The bed was made by FreeRange Designs in Wales.

And boy, were they shocked when they got the order.

"We actively encourage customers to come to us with their bespoke designs and whacky bed ideas, and every now and again we get a really unusual request..."

Sure, it's unusual. But it's also cool as heck.

Free Range Designs said that their client only told them she wanted a Nightmare themed bed, and let them come up with the rest. That kind of freedom is an artist's dream!

You can actually order your own, too!

If you've got the cash to spare and a love in your heart for all things Nightmare Before Christmas, then this bed just might be for you. Order one here from FreeRange Designs!