Brooke Shields' Daughter 'Looks Just Like Her' As She Wears Vintage 1998 Gown To Prom

There are SO MANY significant moments in a child's lives that will forever be cherished memories — birthdays, graduations, dances — the usual suspects. However, a way for these moments to be even more significant is if your child decides to honor you by wearing one of your vintage frocks. And if you're really lucky, your mom is Brooke Shields who has a closet full of couture for you to borrow.

Brooke Shields will always be one of the most beautiful people in Hollywood.

Physically, of course, but also on the inside. Brooke has seen her fair share of challenges and yet she continues to inspire her millions of fans around the world.

Her joys are our joys, so when her daughter Rowan rocked Brooke's 1998 red dress to prom this past weekend, I think we all got emotional.

Posting a picture cheek to cheek with her 18-year-old, Brooke shared that she was feeling like a proud mamma.

"I thought it was a special night when I was nominated for a Golden Globe and wore this dress in 1998, but nothing could have prepared me to see my daughter wearing it to her prom."

In the same post, Brooke shared a picture of herself in the gown.

Fans will remember Brooke was nominated that year for her role in the NBC sitcom Suddenly Susan.

"Gorgeous daughter, just like her Mom!!" commented one fan.

"Beautiful ladies in red!" echoed another.

It's clear Brooke's daughter admires her super mom — as she should!

Rowan totally rocks the red dress and proves that trends really do just come back around.

Have you ever worn a relatives frock to a special event? Let us know in the comments below!