Waffle House Employees Step Up To Help Co-Worker Attend His Graduation

Working with people you like can definitely help you enjoy your job more and make the days go by faster. However, sometimes are you not only working with people you like, but you're also working with some truly upstanding heroes.

When one of their co-workers was going to miss his graduation ceremony due to a lack of resources, the employees at a Waffle House joined forces to make sure he'd be able to attend, going above and beyond in their care for him.

While his high school commencement ceremony was about to begin across town, Timothy Harrison arrived at work for his shift.

Unsplash | Simon Daoudi

He didn't have his cap and gown, tickets to the event, or a ride there, so he figured he'd just skip it and spend another night at his job at Waffle House in Center Point, Alabama.

His co-workers knew the ceremony was happening that night, though, and didn't think he should miss such a special occasion.

"I thought you were supposed to graduate today?" said fellow Waffle House employee Shantana Blevins, "What do we need to do?"

She alongside their other co-workers and even their manager banded together to get Harrison everything he needed to still attend his graduation.

They purchased him a set of dress clothes, his cap and gown, and even drove him the 20 miles there.

"When I put on [the] clothes, that was a different feeling, I don't even know the words. A million dollars? It was the best feeling," Harrison said in an interview with Today.

Belvins, who helped every step of the way, said, "To see his face when he came out, that was priceless."

Harrison got to attend his graduation and feel a real sense of love come from his friends at Waffle House, but his journey didn't end there.

After his story went viral on Facebook and across the internet, Lawson State Community College offered him a full-ride scholarship, which he accepted and will be pursuing in the fall.

"I really didn't expect that to happen," said Harrison, "To know that I have a path to go somewhere? That's something new."

It's a heartwarming tale with an incredible ending as a young man is given opportunities he didn't think he'd have otherwise.

"Now he can go to college and figure out what do in his life and we're gonna help guide him," said Waffle House manager Cedric Hampton, whose actions that night opened endless doors for Harrison.

Belvins also added, "You never know who you can touch or who you can influence with one simple gesture."

h/t: Today