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Boy Donates 308 Stuffed Animals To Police For Kids 'In Bad Or Scary Situations'

A Wisconsin boy took the unexpected and generous move of celebrating his birthday not by asking for presents for himself, but actually giving away his stuffed animals to kids in need.

Hunter, from Kenosha, Wisconsin, has made it somewhat of a tradition to organize stuffed animal drives on his birthday every year.

Hunter's mom helps him with the initiative.

Hunter is giving away his own stuffed animals, yes, but anyone who has toys to donate is welcome to get in on the giving.

"All the stuffed animals [go] to the Kenosha Police Department for them to give out to children in bad or scary situations," wrote Hunter's mom, Melissa.

The donations are graciously received by the Kenosha Police.

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Hunter has posed with police officers along with boxes (and boxes and boxes...) of donations.

"It is just something he came up with last year on his own a week before his birthday and I just ran with it," mom Melissa told reporters. "He loves to give back and helping others, and he loves the police department and wants to be a police officer when he is older."

Hunter's a rising star in the community.

This post from the Kenosha Police Department shows Hunter's donation from last year.

That's a generous assortment of stuffed animals that should help all kinds of kids who need some comfort.

This year, the haul was even bigger.

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Hunter's mom posted images of Hunter with this year's assortment of stuffed animals.

It's incredible to see a young kid who'd rather give than receive on his birthday.

This year, Hunter donated 308 stuffed animals.

You can read proud mom Melissa's post below.

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