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Mom Arrested For Impersonating Teen Daughter To Make A Point About School Safety

Parents will go to some pretty interesting lengths to ensure that their kids are safe. Even if that means exploiting the flaws in their school's security.

This mom absolutely went the distance just to prove a point when it comes to safety in schools.

Perhaps she proved the point a bit too well.

Passing herself off as her 13-year-old daughter, 30-year-old Casey Garcia walked the halls of Garcia-Enriquez Middle School, near El Paso, for most of the day, as reported by TMZ.

She shared the entire experience online.

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Of course, any time any of us do something exceptionally strange, we have to post it for others to see.

In Garcia's case, she documented the entire experience through TikTok, while posting the videos on YouTube as well.

Garcia starts out by giving herself a makeover.

She had to play the part, after all. Changing up her makeup and wearing some of her daughter's clothes helped Garcia blend in as an average 7th grader. All that was left to do was wander the halls and attend class.

She started the day just like any middle-schooler would.

Garcia was able to walk directly onto the school grounds and through the halls without any teacher noticing. Of course, having to wear a mask probably helped her disguise a little bit.

She even got through most of the day.

She attended her daughter's classes, talked to her daughter's teachers and friends, and even made it through lunch period. All without being recognized as an adult. It's incredible how far she's able to go without rousing suspicion.

She finally does get caught, though.

Of course, her disguise isn't fool-proof. She was eventually caught in the afternoon and sent to the principal's office. While Garcia is pretty nonchalant about the whole thing, the school faculty takes it a lot more seriously.

And yes, they did end up getting police involved.

Garcia eventually ended up getting arrested.

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The entirety of the incident took place on a Tuesday, but Garcia isn't actually arrested until the following Friday.

She still insists that she'd done nothing wrong since she wasn't infiltrating the school under malicious pretences.

But she was still trespassing and impersonating a student, which is actually pretty serious.

But the whole thing was *about* school safety.

Garcia went undercover as her daughter solely to exploit the flaws in her school's security. The fact that she's facing serious consequences shows that the school doesn't take these kinds of things lightly when they happen.

However, the fact that she was able to successfully impersonate her daughter for more than half of a school day is kind of concerning in itself.

She made it a long time through the day before anyone realized that a student wasn't a 14-year-old girl, but actually a grown woman.

She did kind of prove her point.

Unsplash | Collin Armstrong

With more schools opening back up and masks being required or recommended, it could be pretty easy to waltz into a school without being detected. And honestly, that thought is kind of disturbing.

There's a definite conversation to be had here.

What Garcia did was pretty reckless, but does the fact that she was proving a point justify her actions? Is this more than just a crazy stunt posed by a concerned parent? Let us know your take on the situation.

h/t: TMZ.