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Crafty Dad Builds Fully-Functional Wooden Lamborghini For His Son To Play In

There are a lot of crafty parents out there making neat creations for their kiddos to enjoy, but Truong Van Dao's DIY may just be among the most elaborate.

A couple of months ago, Vietnam dad Van Doa decided it was about time his son had a custom, state-of-the-art wooden Lamborghini to play in.

Troung Van Doa built the design by hand from the ground up.

ND Woodworking Art | YouTube

Starting from the ground up, Van Doa carved the basic car shape out of a large piece of wood, then installed wheels, gears, and electronics to the base.

Moving on to the sides, he added the rest of the frame piece by piece, using his impressive chainsaw carving prowess to mimic the shapes and details of a real Lamborghini.

It took him 65 days to complete the build.

ND Woodworking Art | YouTube

Not skimping at all on the finishings, the final design is accented with red and brown stained wood decals and finished with rich wood polish, keeping the "toy" soft and splinter-free.

Testing the electronics and final construction in his shop, after 65 days Van Doa called his project complete.

The wooden Lamborghini even includes remote-controlled scissor doors.

ND Woodworking Art | YouTube

Including remote-controlled headlights, brake lights, speedometer, and scissor doors, Van Doa pulls out all the stops, building a completely functional electric wooden Lamborghini for his son.

Driving the car out of the shop for a test ride, Van Doa's son approaches the car excitedly, enamored by all the moving parts and gadgets.

His son is thrilled by his new toy.

ND Woodworking Art | YouTube

Riding in the passenger seat with his dad, I'm not even sure his son is old enough to recognize all the work that went into it, but he sure does love the wind in his hair! (What little he has).

Watch the video to see the full building process.

Van Doa sure is one dedicated and talented dad. What do you think about his "little" DIY project? Do you know a special kiddo that would love to take something like this for a spin? Let us know in the comments below!