Vegetarian Of 45 Years Immediately Gets Sick After Chicken Mix-Up At McDonald's

Whether we're ordering in or eating out, there's always the possibility that somebody will make a mistake while preparing our order. That's just human nature and despite how some customers might react, these mistakes often don't result in much more than mild disappointment.

However, the unfortunate reality is that there are some cases where no matter how unavoidable they are, those mix-ups can matter a great deal.

For those with food allergies, a fun night out can suddenly turn into a perilous situation. And when a vegetarian or a vegan is accidentally served meat, they can realize to their shock that they just unwittingly violated a serious belief system as a result.

And for one woman in England, this very scenario has given her some serious trust issues when it comes to McDonald's.

On May 28, 50-year-old Louise Davies of Gloucester hit a McDonald's drive-thru on the way home after her daughter had just finished school for the year.

As Gloucestershire Live reported, she had ordered a Vegetable Deluxe sandwich and quickly bit into it when it was ready.

As she put it, "I didn’t think to look in it, I just thought it was a veggie burger."

When she did so, however, she was horrified to learn that this burger actually had a chicken fillet inside.

Although she hadn't eaten meat in 45 years, she immediately realized what had happened and immediately felt sick due to the smell and texture.

In her words, "That’s the effect meat will have on me. Even the smell of it, I don’t like. I didn’t actually eat it, I bit into it and straight away I vomited. I spat it out and threw up."

If you're wondering how anyone could've possibly mistaken a veggie burger for a chicken sandwich, it's worth noting that McDonald's locations in the United Kingdom sell different vegetarian products than you'll find stateside.

What Davies had expected to eat was this sandwich, which contains two two red pepper and pesto goujons. As you can see, the breading can be mistaken for the kind you put on chicken at a glance.

And when someone mixed the two up, Davies not only vomited soon after biting into the burger but felt so repulsed that she wasn't able to eat for another 12 hours.

As she said, "It just reminded me of being a child in my grandma’s kitchen, just the taste of it. It made me feel sick even then."

McDonald's has since apologized to Davies and is launching an investigation into how this mix-up occurred.

As a representative told Gloucestershire Live, "This was simply not good enough. We have a number of procedures in place to avoid inaccurate orders, but in this case these were clearly not followed, and we are looking into why this occurred."

h/t: Gloucestershire Live

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