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Guy Saves Young Woman From Creepy Man By Pretending To Know Her In Viral Video

There are many times in a woman's life when they feel they are in danger when creepy men try to talk to them and solicit them.

When this happens, most women feel like they are vulnerable and alone (sometimes literally).

Sometimes, they look to complete strangers for help and safety to ensure that bad things don't happen to them.

TikTok user Brandon Robert was shopping when he noticed a girl who seemed uncomfortable.

In the video, he shares that there was a "weird guy" in the store making the girl uncomfortable, so he decided to pretend that he knows her.

He approached the girl and began chatting her up.

He approached the visibly uncomfortable girl, a complete stranger, and began to talk to her as if the two were long-lost friends.

Once the girl realized what he was trying to do, she started playing along perfectly.

At this point, Brandon mentions that he's shopping with his aunt.

The girl then decides to take things a step further and gives his aunt a name — Aunt Claire.

Although the potential predator cannot be seen, it's clear that Robert's presence is making him think twice about pursuing the young girl.

As the two walked away, she was grateful to Brandon for his quick thinking.

The two began to walk away together, away from the weird man, looking for "Aunt Claire" together.

Once they're out of earshot, Brandon explains that he saw the girl standing with the man from across the store.

She then tells him that his instincts were dead-on.

As the young girl explains to Robert, "He asked if I wanted to go back to his place."

Clearly, Robert arrived at just the right time to stop the man from potentially causing the young girl harm.

People in the comment section were praising the TikTok-er for his actions.

People in the comments began to thank Brandon for his actions and also saying how much they respected his efforts and his decision to act when he did.

Other women asked if more men can do this when they see girls who are uncomfortable and in danger.

Fellow TikTok user @daphvader said that simply saying that not all men behave in this manner doesn't go far enough.

Like it or not, this type of thing happens far more often than it should.

Just last month, a video on TikTok went viral after a young girl confronted two men taking photos of her on the beach.

Two men in their 50s were caught red-handed sitting at a beach table, snapping pictures of unsuspecting women all over the beach.

The girl refused to back down, and demanded to see the man's phone.

Contained in the photo stream were images of dozens upon dozens of women, young and old, in their bikinis.

It took a lot of protesting, but eventually, the man complied and deleted the photos.

18-year-old TikTok user @maassassin_ found herself in a similar situation while she was staying at a hotel.

The young girl just so happened to be live-streaming herself on TikTok when a strange man approaches her table and asks to join her.

The young girl is visibly uncomfortable and does all she can to make the man go away.

Once the stranger realizes that the teen girl is live-streaming, he quickly gets up and walks away.

It should also be noted that this happened in public, in the middle of a hotel courtyard.

So if you see a woman, or anyone for that matter, who looks like they might be in trouble — help them!

A little quick thinking, like the kind that Robert displayed, is often enough to send any creep retreating.

Always be on the lookout, stay safe, and take care of each other!

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