Store Owners Install Glass Ceiling So Their Cats Can Watch Them Work

This takes the concept of a bodega cat to a whole new level.

In New Taipei City, Taiwan, one shop owner took his love of his cats to the next level. With some clever engineering, he installed glass panels in the shop's ceiling, allowing the cats to get a bird's-eye view of the customers.

But why did he do it? The reason is actually hilarious.

Meet the cats.

How funny is this?

Twitter user @SCMcrocodile posted about his friend's shop on Twitter, writing: "My friend modified the attic of his shop to accommodate his cats. Now he is under constant observation." (translation via The Dodo.)

Now, they can spy on everyone.

Apparently, his cats live above the shop. They found a way to get in between the floor and the ceiling and started making enough noise for customers to wonder what was happening above their heads.

He decided to accommodate their tiny demands.

All they wanted to was to see him while he worked, so he made that happen for them! They can lay on the glass panels all day and delight customers with their hilarious little bellies and paws.

I would totally do this if I lived above a store.

Unsplash | Manja Vitolic

Unfortunately, my cat has to content himself with sitting RIGHT next to me and gently meowing in my ear to remind me it's his lunch time. I mean, what if he starves?