Woman Gets Her Perfect Birthday After A Lifetime Of Hearing 'Batman Is For Boys'

When I was a kid, I was fortunate enough to have a pretty wide variety of toys available to me.

And while it did my mom's heart good to see me enjoying myself with them, it also presented an opportunity to see what kinds I preferred. And when I completely ignored the baby doll she gave me in favor of my toy guns and Batman action figure, it was pretty clear to her what kind of kid I was.

The unfortunate reality, however, is that a lot of boys who would have preferred the doll didn't get the same choice that I did. In the minds of both some parents and other authority figures, we can see that the designation between "girls' stuff" and "boys' stuff" takes priority over what a given child would be happier with.

But although that's the kind of situation one woman faced growing up, it only made it all the more meaningful when her boyfriend came through with a beautiful surprise.

As a woman who goes by @SparkyMularkey on Twitter explained, she always wanted a Batman-themed birthday party when she was a kid.

However, she said she was always told "Batman is for boys" and never ended up getting such a party.

By the time she met her boyfriend, she had always said that when she turned 32 (her favorite number), she would finally get the birthday party she always dreamed of.

As she put it, "I gave up on that idea, but my boyfriend didn't."

When her 32nd birthday rolled around, she said she had completely forgotten that was even what day it was because work and life in general were particularly exhausting that day.

So when she went over to her boyfriend's place for what she thought was a quiet dinner, she burst into tears when she was surprised by friends and a massive array of Batman decorations instead.

She was amazed at the effort he had gone to for her as her party included not only a T-shirt commemorating the animated series and and vintage paraphernalia, but also a costume photo booth.

And yet, it seemed that her boyfriend wasn't done making her dreams come true yet.

As she tweeted out, "I was overjoyed, but then they told me to go downstairs."

And what was downstairs? None other than an entire Batman-themed carnival.

Along with the blue mood lighting and the blaring soundtrack, some highlights included "pin the nipples on Batman" as we can see here as well as a Bane-themed beer pong game.

All in all, she was incredibly touched by her boyfriend's gesture, saying, "So much went into this party and I hadn't realized just how much I needed to feel like a kid again. It seriously healed my soul. I am so lucky to have such a great man in my life who makes me feel like a hero."

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