Macrame Plant Holder Earrings Are The New Trend For Plant Parents Everywhere

Macrame is SO hot right now.

That's a hilarious thing to say about a craft trend, but it's true! Macrame everything is in style, especially macrame plant holders. Everyone loves those handmade baskets that hold your most precious plant friends!

If you're a plant parent who just can't get enough of their plants, then these earrings will be right up your alley.

Hello, most adorable earrings ever.

Oh my goodness, they're so tiny and perfect, and I want to scream a little at how cute they are! These are by Etsy seller HandmadeGemsByE, and are available for $25.91.

Some even have tiny pots!

This pair has tiny handmade pots inside it! FreebirdByHannah made each pot with clay, then placed a tiny fake plant inside it. You can get a pair for $12.00, which is a steal.

There's even some that are laser engraved!

Maker laylaamber on Etsy used wood to laser engrave the details of the plant and pot, then hand-painted each piece! These are SO cute. You can get a pair for $26.64.

No matter what style you get, they're sure to be a statement piece.

People will absolutely love your earrings as much as you do! I love that you can get different plants inside them, too. Grab this pair from FoulMouthMaker for $20.73.