Utah Woman Has Her Headstone Engraved With Her Signature Fudge Recipe

We always want to leave something of value behind when we pass. Whether it be fond memories, gifts for loved ones, a positive influence, or all of the above, there's something to be said for what we want others to remember us by.

One Utah woman decided that besides her connection with her family, she wanted to leave behind something she cherished greatly, her fudge recipe.

When Kathryn Andrews' husband passed away in 2000, she decided she wanted to do something special with their to-be-shared tombstone.

Unsplash | Madeleine Maguire

It began with a selection of symbols that represented his life. Kathryn, who went by Kay, was also urged by her children to choose something special to adorn it with when her time came, so she chose her fudge recipe.

When she passed in 2019, her family went through with that choice.

Located in Utah's Logan City Cemetery, the recipe stands forevermore.

It details the ingredients and portions, followed by the finishing instructions of, "Cook to softball stage, pour on marble slab, cool & beat & eat."

At the very bottom, it reads, "Wherever she goes, there's laughter."

She was known for bringing her fudge everywhere there was people to share it with.

In an interview with KSTU, Kay's daughter Janice Johnson said, "She really loved people. She would write poetry, and she would take fudge whenever people got together."

After seeing a photo of the recipe on the headstone making rounds online, Kay's granddaughter, Emily, was elated.

"I think she would be thrilled that people can have a taste of her recipe," Emily told ABC4. "That's what she was all about, sharing with people, so I think she would love it."

h/t: People