Confusing Wedding Seating Chart Divides The Internet: 'Must Really Hate Their Guests'

When you go to a wedding, you expect cake, flowers, someone's drunk uncle making an awkward speech.

You don't expect mind-boggling puzzles. And yet, one couple's confusing wedding seating chart has provided their guests with just that.

Keep reading to see if you can figure it out, plus see how it's divided the internet.

Most wedding seating charts we know look like this:

It's pretty, detailed, and lets guests know where they're sitting by one quick glance.

Some people don't even need a wedding chart — they just look to the other hopeless single people and follow them.

Then, there are the seating chats from hell, like this one.

"I googled seating chart ideas and realized wow...some people must really hate their guests," one Redditor wrote.

This chart has guests' names on one side and the table numbers on the other.

The goal is to follow the line to determine which table you're seated at.

But once you add in all the other guests and their lines, the whole thing becomes a headache.

Very few people on Reddit were fans.

"Where in the Pinterest hell did they find this idea?" wrote one user. This seating chart is definitely a DIY fail.

Unsplash | Photos by Lanty

"Both ugly, and confusing," added another. Some actually liked the idea: "I mean, find your name and follow the string... do people really think it’s that difficult?"

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