Josh Brolin Uses His Daughter's Toilet To Potty Train Her: 'The Power Of Example'

Potty training is a rite of passage for every parent or guardian. If you've had to potty train more than one child, you can attest to the fact that they are not all similar. In fact, every single child has their own unique way of learning, and it's up to the parent to make this slide skill easily manageable for small children.

Now, Josh Brolin is revealing what he does to help his daughter potty train and it's one of the most relatable posts EVER!

If you've ever potty trained a child, you know how frustrating it can be.

Unsplash | Tapan Kumar Choudhury

It can be a time-consuming, overwhelming process with no end in sight.

I remember my best friend had to potty train her toddlers at the same time and as you can imagine, it was messy AF.

You know who else has to deal with the potty training rite of passage? Celebrities!

Yep, that's right!

53-year-old Josh Brolin is the latest celebrity parent to teach his child how to use the toilet and he's sharing his tactic with his Instagram followers.

"There’s nothing like the power of example (what to do and what not to do)," the actor posted alongside a picture of himself on his 2-year-old daughter Westlyn's training potty.

The second photo shows the father-daughter duo playing around with Josh laying on the floor making a goofy face while presumably talking about potty training.

Friends and fans alike we loving Josh's honest post.

"I remember those days. Anything to make it happen," commented one fan.

"Keep telling my son and daughter-in-law this is what they have to do if they want my granddaughter to potty train. Sharing this to their page," commented a different fan.

Needless to say, the post hit home for a lot of parents.

"I'm trying to potty train my daughter at the moment......I'm definitely doing this," wrote one father.

"You are the man! Great example! Been there, wiping is tricky," echoed another user.

What do you think of Josh's method? Let us know in the comments below!