I Object! Overly Complicated Wedding Seating Chart Confuses People

When we go to a wedding, we arrive with the understanding that what we're seeing and experiencing was largely planned the way the couple wanted it.

Of course, planning a wedding is notoriously complicated so it's unlikely that everything quite went as envisioned. But if we're talking about a general design scheme or theme, we can bet that was their idea.

Of course, some couples can take their wedding planning prerogative a little too far, which you'll often hear about in stories of Bridezillas making ridiculous demands of their guests and particularly their wedding party.

But while those kind of nightmare weddings at least make it obvious where we should send our "regrets," some problems don't reveal themselves until we've already arrived.

When Reddit user narlymaroo was looking for seating chart ideas for their wedding, they came across this eye-catching display.

It's sort of like those tests we used to take in elementary school where we drew a line between a word and a picture of what it represents.

Of course, we can see that the idea gets a lot more complicated when we're matching up dozens of names with their tables instead of pictures of apples and dogs.

And while that rustic wood aesthetic may be all the rage for weddings, it certainly didn't make that chart any easier to understand.

While it would likely be easier to find your name and follow the line if the chart wasn't so cluttered with them, the final product didn't leave too many commenters feeling confident they'd find their spot.

As one user put it, "I’m really hoping the wedding I go to this month is not that complex after toasts. Before drinks I could perhaps face that. After it’s a nope."

While there were some who were willing to defend the idea behind the chart, most of them at least agreed that the presentation made things way too confusing.

Among these folks, the favorite way to address the problem was to color code the tables.

That way, guests aren't just navigating a monochrome line maze just to find out where they're sitting.

But while that solution seemed simple enough, others pointed out that the clutter is disguising a much bigger dealbreaker.

Namely, that those who arrived at this wedding together would end up at separate tables, according to the seating plan.

For those who can recall all the times they went to weddings where they didn't know anybody, such an idea seemed like a complete nightmare.

In the words of one of them, "Oh I hate that so much. Like my anxiety isn’t bad enough going to events, I have to be away from the only person I know!? Some people, man."

I hope it was a hit with the guests because if so, it seems like they'd be the only ones.