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Upcycle A Vintage TV Set Into A Retro-Inspired Terrarium For Your Plants

Most people wouldn't exactly say that vintage televisions have anything to do with terrariums, but some people are finding ways to make something pretty amazing with the two. They're transforming antique televisions into retro terrariums with bountiful collections of plants. Here's what you need to know about retro TV terrarium projects and how to get started.

The easy part is finding some plants.

With so many plants readily available for purchase both online in person, it's easy to assemble your terrarium team. However, it's best to keep in mind that the more plants you want, the bigger your retro TV should be. Also, succulents may be the most gardener-friendly option for beginners.

Finding your retro TV is a bit more challenging.

It's safe to say that not everyone has a 1950s TV laying around their home. While some may be fortunate to have a family antique TV that survived the test of time, many will have to be a bit creative when it comes to finding one. As usual, thrift stores, Goodwills, swap meets, eBay, and Etsy are your partners on this mission.

People use all kinds of retro TVs.

Just like each unique terrarium, not all retro televisions were made the same. The most common brand of the '50s was the Radio Corporation of America (RCA). However, there are some Motorola, Teletone, and Andrea brands used for terrariums as well. It depends on what you can find and what fits your style.

You'll need to install lights.

Just like with traditional terrariums, these retro TV ones will need to offer your plants a light source. This is especially necessary for those will poor natural lighting in their homes. Many people go the route of installing LED lights

This project will cost you some coin.

Depending on the cost of your supplies and your specific goals for your retro TV television, this project can get a little pricey. One person spent a few days assembling her terrarium and spend around $350. Others have had different budgets and expenses, so it's important to plan it out as much as possible before getting started.

They can be purchased completely pre-made.

For those of us that just don't do DIY, there are more options. While this is certainly the rarer route, there are actually some sellers that will make your retro terrarium for you to simply pick up and take home, after paying, of course. For instance, Energy Gardens Living Decor in Dallas,TX sells them to those that live locally.

They can become their own habitats.

One of the best things about terrariums of all kinds is that they allow gardeners to watch the plants grow and evolve over time. With these retro TV terrariums, it's especially cool to see something new grow within something old.

They're also pet-friendly.


While many of us love plants, they're not always safe to have around our pets. So, these retro TV terrariums are great for those that long for the joy of plants without the fear that their furry friend will ingest something they shouldn't.

It's time to try making your own retro TV terrarium.

This is the kind of project that people sit on for too long, when once it's done, they instantly fall in love. What we're trying to say is, don't sit on this project if you're already doting over this idea.

Let us know what you think of these retro TV terrariums in the comments and if you plan to get your own started soon.