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16+ Confusing Pics That Take A Minute To Sort Out

There's nothing like a classic brain teaser to get your gears turning and your mind working extra hard for the few moments it takes to figure it out.

You don't always have to go looking for them, though, sometimes the perfect confusing image falls in your lap and you get to give your brain a pop quiz. Sometimes you compile those images in a list to share with others. Okay, maybe that last part is just me.

"My aunts cat has the word no circled in his fur pattern."

This cat is establishing clear boundaries and practicing healthy communication. No pets there, under any circumstance.

"Old school surfers."

I definitely didn't catch the pair of feet on the right side at first glance. Without that, it definitely looks like one surfer is sprouting out of the other.

"A frog visited my car last night."

That, or the most horrific, alien centipede we've ever had this displeasure of seeing evidence of.

"Is that cat staring at his batman shadow?"

He knows he's the only one capable of cleaning up crime around this house. No more stolen treats, no more late dinners, he'll take matters into his own hands.

"Every rock along the perimeter of this house had a symbol on it."

This feels strange at best and ominous at worst. If that house ends up calling down aliens, don't say the signs weren't there.

"Big Cat."

Yeah, a big cat, that's about to eat that woman. Is no one going to help her?!

"There's an old woman's face in my belly button."

This reads like some old Eastern-European folktale that's been turned into a slightly-too-disturbing-for-children children's book.

"This snail with cracked shell, who mistook the crack for the aperture and now crawls around like that."

If you can't go around it, can't go under it, can't go over it, you have to go through it. Except here, he could have gone around it, he just didn't know it.

"Found this Plague Doctor pear while stocking this morning."

Does this mean it's more likely to give us the plague or save us from it? Might be worth the risk depending on the answer.

"It's a plain white van."

The amount of time I had to stare at this because my brain didn't even register the fence is embarrassing.

"This tissue box merging into the wallpaper."

Are tissue boxes a good indicator of style? Like, does this mean you're up with the trends or are you super out of date?

"How my beer matches this floor cleaner!"

Does anyone else feel like we weren't supposed to see this? Like maybe there's a reason they match so well, and how his wife is hiding her face?

"A tree in my yard after a long-lived vine was finally stripped away."

Something about knowing that makes this tree seem a lot more naked. I wonder if it feels the same way.

"A steep hill with trees looks like a vertical great green wall."

Some dystopian novel written for teenagers out there has something almost exactly like this as a setting or feature of their world.

"Shadow by my house looks like a nice old fairy. Happens every night."

That's her coming home from work every night and stopping to say hi. Are you saying hi back? She looks so nice!

"The sun on my window made a rainbow that’s split in half by my chair leg."

Logically this makes sense, right? That leg is opaque so yes, it blocks light. But staring at this, it still feels wrong and impossible.

"[Couldn't] find my own arm for a second."

Oh, I found your arm, I was just alarmed that it looked like a massive cylindrical tube. It's fine though, we were both wrong.

Pretty Extreme Measures.

The best way to make sure you never lose your glasses again? Punch them right through your ear.

"Robin created nest in back of elephant planter."

You could tell me the bird that made this nest also sculpted this elephant and I would have believed you. Birds are smart, sometimes.

"I knew the Dutch were tall, but this..."

If a giant is going to work in any industry, I'm glad it's emergency services. The benefits are endless!

"2 alpacas."

Just like CatDog except they get along fine and just eat a lot of grass.

"The ceiling and wall in this reflection makes it look like there is a window through the pillar."

Well that doesn't look structurally sound. I wouldn't be standing so close if I were you.

"Foot hand."

Lots of people complain about having two left feet, but imagine having 3 of them! You can't dance and you can't do daily activities that involve two hands.

"Mirror for sale: But does it come with the giant feet boots?"

Wait, you want the giant feet boots? I do not want the giant feet boots. In fact, I don't think I want anything from someone who also owns terrifying, giant feet boots.

"My son's very long arm."

Look at that rigidness, that perfectly straight line. It looks like he could swing it at a tree and chop it down.

"This bottle opener that looks like a parrot."

He gets to do all of the work and enjoy none of the results. Just watching on from the counter with those big red eyes.

"When your neighbor puts up a 40 foot observation tower."

They went from feeding backyard birds to feeding prehistoric winged reptiles.

"Is that dude wearing clothes?"

Another one that took me way too long to piece together, except this one is funnier, so I'll let you sort it out for yourselves.

"This vine from my blackberry bush is like 6 vines merged together."

Does this mean all of the blackberries each vine would have grown will merge into one monster blackberry?

"Our new kitten has a dog's face on his forehead."

Perfect for those families who couldn't decide what pet to get. Cats always tend to win, but at least you have the illusion of a dog.

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