Man's Rant About Companies Not Including Salaries In Job Postings Goes Viral

With so many job sites available and a seemingly huge market, why is it still so hard to find a job these days?

The process is filled with frustrations, and companies trying to hide as much as possible for whatever reason certainly doesn't help. One author got fed up with how much was being kept from him in listings, and his complaint wound up resonating with tens of thousands of people.

The job hunt feels like it's never been harder, no matter where you are on the ladder.

Unsplash | Glenn Carstens-Peters

The need for tons of experience alone is causing a lot of people to feel like they're floundering, never mind the other rising expectations when it comes to qualifications.

One big gripe that's becoming increasingly common is the lack of salary within a job posting.

Recently, author Matt Wallace wrote a Twitter thread on the matter, which took off and went viral.

It seems a lot, lot of people agree with him.

And boy was he passionate about it.

"There is ONE (1) reason not to make salary/pay rate transparency part of your SOP, and that is so you can [expletive] people over and pay them less than they're worth. If that's not your intention, fix it. AT LEAST post a goddamn pay RANGE when you solicit resumes," reads a third addition to the thread.

Tons of people agreed with him, and it seems the demand for transparent salaries is in motion.

Like the person above, many replied with either tips for future interviews regarding salary, or stories of times they'd been screwed over in past interviews.

It's a cruel world out there in the job market, and right now we can take all the advice and support we can get.

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