Crafty Cat Owners Can Make A Kitty Bed From A Vintage Suitcase

Cat owners know the hilarity of trying to pack for a vacation. The minute the suitcase comes out, your cat is inside it, rolling all over the clothes you neatly packed.

In the spirit of that mischievousness, people have been making cat beds out of vintage suitcases! Because there's nothing a cat likes more than a rectangle on a floor, am I right?

Boom. Suitcase bed.

It's the thing you didn't know you needed, and didn't know you needed to see. That cat looks so damn happy to be in his little suitcase bed, guys.

Try and tell me this isn't cute.

This suitcase bed has little legs! This is so charming! The tiny pillows really sell the whole thing, too.

You can get this little bed for $107.28 on Etsy.

This one is a bunk bed!

I repeat: this is a cat bunk bed. This may be the most important thing I've ever seen.

I love the ingenuity here. Dibs bottom bunk — it looks cozier, you see.

This one is so on-trend.

Midcentury modern everything is super in right now, and this suitcase totally fits that style. That cat looks like absolute royalty!

What do you think of suitcase beds? Would you get one?