Reddit Has A Community Devoted To Giving 'Mom' Support To People Without Moms

May 27, 2021

Every family relationship is different, but it's hard to deny that a strong parental role model can do wonders for one's development.

Of course, not everyone is so lucky. Some people have parents who could have done a better job. Others lose parents at a young age. Some people just don't live close enough to their parents.

Thankfully, there's a fantastic resource on Reddit that aims to give users the mom experience — if only for a minute.

Welcome to r/MomForAMinute.

Unsplash | Bruno Nascimento

This subreddit, which currently has close to 200,000 subscribers, describes its mission simply:

"We are mother geese to our loving ducklings. When you need understanding, congratulations, praise, or advice from a mother figure, but don't have one in real life able or willing to provide that for you, we are here for you. We support you and love you unconditionally!"

It provides a motherly, helping hand to those in need.

Reddit | deleted

This post was captioned, "Mom, I do neighborhood cleanups each week and everybody looks at me like a fool. I'm disabled and alone. Please tell me I'm an okay person."

The top comment said she was proud of him and that she's here for him. It concluded with that all-time classic mom advice: "Make sure you dress warm, that photo looks cold."

There are some beautiful stories.

This woman has a homophobic mother, but wanted some motherly approval after she proposed to the love of her life.

"Honey, love is love, and it's beautiful!" read one comment. "Literally misting up at this happiest moment with you both, I feel sorry for anyone who can't share it with you, due to their own issues."

Sometimes it's tough just to clean your room.

Reddit | rainbowsreign

This person is battling depression but was able to clean up their "absolute disaster" of a room.

"When you feel too overwhelmed by depression to do anything, just try to do something," one mom wrote. "Breaking that inertia and doing one thing makes it easier to do the next. So proud of you for getting help and healing. I'm rooting for you!"

One year sober.

Reddit | Imafilm

She's made it to the one year point without drugs and alcohol, and the moms in the comments are totally here for it.

"Welcome back with all your light. Wish you the best year yet, and many more to come💓."

It's a great resource.

Reddit | Hasidic_Hat

Some will come looking for advice, while others just want to share big moments that they can't share with their moms, and it's hard to come away without a tear in your eye.

"You would have loved the fashion show! Wish I could show you what I picked. Miss you," this user shared.

Sometimes, you just need a mom figure in your life. The internet is able to shrink distances and bring people together, and r/MomForAMinute aims to do exactly that.

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