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41-Year-Old Law School Graduate Posts Inspiring Message Celebrating All Women

One recent law school graduate has been using her incredible platform to share a message of inspiration to all women.

It can often feel as though, as we get older, we have missed the chance to succeed at the dreams we had as children, but Amber Goodwin is showing the world that you should never give up on pursuing your goals in this world.

Amber Goodwin, 41, will be graduating from law school next month, accomplishing one of her life's dreams.

When Goodwin graduates from Mitchell Hamline School of Law next month, she will be doing so after having been rejected from all of her chosen law schools when she first applied twenty years ago.

Goodwin took to Twitter to share her moment of celebration, and quickly went viral.

After she was initially rejected from her chosen law schools all of those years ago, Goodwin worked on Capitol Hill and founded the Community Justice Action Fund, which is "the nation's leading gun violence prevention organizing working on policy, education, leadership development, and building resources centered on communities of color."

However, despite her other outstanding achievements, Goodwin still persisted with her dream of one day graduating from law school — and now, after years of hard work, she will be.

Goodwin's inspirational posts have massively resonated with other women across the globe.

Some other similar messages of inspiration came in the forms of:

"Achievement makes me teary and the look on your face is just the thing to get my chin quivering. I went back to school at 47 and it was not easy to find time to study as a bonafide adult. Good for you and all the best." — JanTheResister

"Congrats I'm 46 I will be graduating Nov 3 with my Bachelor's of Science in Criminal Justice and on Nov 3 I will be starting working on my Master's Degree in Business specialization in Management. The last 4 years has been a struggle with the loss of big brother and dad." — Marnie39916062

"As a 40+ single never married woman, I’ve learned to flip the narrative about women like us. YOU are the apex of womanhood. Fully liberated w/choices and life that our female ancestors couldn’t even fathom. You represent the fullest potential of womankind. Congratulations!!" — Shikha Bhatnagar

Amber hopes that her post will inspire other women to see that "there's no one way to live the life you have and life should be lived and celebrated."

"A lot of times people, especially women and Black women, are not celebrated while we're doing things. We're celebrated maybe when we've made it and are winning big cases as an attorney or doing other things like getting married or having kids," Goodwin told Good Morning America.

"And a lot of times things like [graduating law school] aren't just seen as a win for someone who is 41-years-old [...] This gave me a sense that people were standing right next to me as I was getting really great news and times when I was maybe not feeling as sure of myself," she continued.

Goodwin hopes that more women will be confident in achieving the goals that they want to achieve in life, and to celebrate their life every day.

Congratulations to Goodwin on her amazing achievement, and here's to hoping that more people will be inspired to pursue their dreams even when the world tries to put them down!

h/t: Good Morning America