Semi-Permanent Tattoos That Disappear In A Year Exist For People Who Can't Decide On A Design

Who here loves tattoos? I do, I do! However, not every tattoo design is right for a permanent design. Am I right? So, what is a girl or a boy to do?

Well, as I recently found out, there is a new tattoo trend in town. I'm talking about semi-permanent tattoos. Aha! Doesn't that sound like such a fabulous idea or what?

Okay, first of all, where was this idea when I needed it, lol?

Unsplash | Allef Vinicius

I could have tried out a few tattoo designs and then picked the one I like the best for a permanent choice. That would have been ideal.

Since I wasn't aware of this before, I'll stop my complaining now, hehe.

Let's get on with the show then. First, I'm going to explore what semi-permanent tattoo ink really is. One thing you should remember is that you shouldn't confuse it with temporary tattoos.

Unlike the ink in temporary tattoos, the ink in the semi-permanent tattoo is real ink.

So, it's made to last but it's also "made-to-fade." Therefore it will disappear from your skin in about a year. Wow, how cool is that?

Are you with me so far?

Let me explain how this all works: A semi-permanent tattoo is applied the same way as a regular tattoo. You need a trained tattoo artist to do it and a tattoo machine. But, the artist uses a special kind of ink to create the tattoo.

What's so special about this ink, you ask?

It is composed of "medical-grade bioabsorbable and biocompatible polymers " with "high-quality pigments." Over time the ink breaks down, and your body will eliminate the small particles. That kind of sounds like science fiction, am I right?

This process is pretty similar to something like henna.

Although, this semi-permanent tattoo will last you much longer, about a year to be exact. So far, there is one tattoo joint that I am aware of that uses this special ink and technique.

The place is called Ephemeral, and it's a tattoo studio located in Brooklyn, New York.

The three founders of the studio — Josh Sakha, Vandan Shah, and Brennal Pierre — came up with this revolutionary ink technology. It actually took them six years and 50 formulations to create it. Wow!

As of right now, the only ink color that's available for a semi-permanent tattoo is black.

So, if you plan on getting one, you should pick a design that works with only black ink. The artist can help you choose the perfect spot for it.

One thing to keep in mind is that the tattoo will eventually fade.

So you need to be prepared for it to start looking dull over time. If you can handle that, you'll be good to go. So what do you think? Would you get this done or not?