Forget Flowers And Gift The DIYer In Your Life A Yarn Bouquet Instead

I'm just going to say it: flowers are kind of a crappy gift.

Sure, they look nice. And yeah, they smell nice. But being given flowers is literally being given something that you have to care for until it dies a week later.

You know what would be more fun than that for the DIYer in your life? A bouquet made of yarn. No, trust me — they're going to love it.

Boom, yarn bouquet.

I'm betting you weren't picturing this, huh? Put simply, a yarn bouquet is a bundle of different yarn colors all waiting to become new projects for your favorite DIYer. How fun is that?

People get pretty intricate with them.

Who says your yarn bouquet has to be boring. Pair it with some faux flowers, some craft beads, and your yarn bundles for a gorgeous bouquet that you can impress your recipient with!

This is seriously the best gift for any occasion.

Whether it's a birthday, a holiday, or just because, a yarn bouquet is a delightful gift to give a craft friend or family member. Who doesn't love crafting?

In conclusion:


I mean, the choice is obvious here. Ditch the pruning shears, plant food, and eventual disappointment, and instead get the person you love something they can use to create beautiful art.