Mom Shares Her Way Of Reminding Herself Of Baby In Hot Car To Prevent Tragedies

May 26, 2021

Now that summer is here (at least in the northern hemisphere), we're in for a few months of warm weather and deathly hot cars.

Now, a hot car is no big deal if you're about to go for a drive and can turn on the air conditioning. But that heat can literally kill pets or even people if they're left in a sweltering hot car for just a few minutes.

A recent TikTok video shows us a near-foolproof way of ensuring that this never happens.

TikToker Kristy Wilson shared a novel idea.

TikTok | pinkjeepgirltx

In a short video, Wilson starts with a pic of her feet. One has a shoe and one doesn't. She asks why she's doing this.

It's a good question! Why is she doing this?

It's because she has her grandson in the back.

TikTok | pinkjeepgirltx

I'm still not seeing any connection between going shoeless, having a kid in the backseat, and keeping that kid safe. I'm willing to keep watching, though.

Ohh, okay.

TikTok | pinkjeepgirltx

She says she keeps her other shoe in the back, with the baby, so she won't forget the baby. It makes me wonder what would happen if she just got used to walking around with one shoe.

She's using the ol' noggin.

It seems like a bit of an unorthodox way to keep a kid safe, but everyone's brain works in different ways. I guess stepping onto hot asphalt with a bare foot would jar your brain!

Comments were (mostly) supportive.

TikTok | pinkjeepgirltx

I'll admit that I feel a bit like the blue commenter here, but it's undeniable that kids die tragically in hot cars every summer, and every little bit of awareness can help.

Some commenters found it hard to believe that kids could be forgotten.

TikTok | pinkjeepgirltx

It might seem hard to believe, but statistics would suggest otherwise. Over the years, this has happened to hundreds of kids.

This is a fair point.

TikTok | pinkjeepgirltx

Because it's her grandkid, not her kid, she's probably not used to checking the backseat as a matter of routine. Turns out, it's a legit phenomenon called "forgotten baby syndrome." So hey, if this system works for her, it works for her, and it might work for someone else, too.

Have you ever almost forgotten your kid in the car?

I mean, I would think that constantly seeing the baby seat in your rear view mirror would be a pretty good reminder, but I guess it's better to be safe than sorry.

Let's focus on the important stuff.

TikTok | pinkjeepgirltx

If you watched the video all the way through, you'll be rewarded with a wonderful baby smile. Whatever you think of Kristy's lesson, it's a pretty nice way to cap things off.

Don't forget your babies!

TikTok | pinkjeepgirltx

The video concludes with a smiling baby, which is nice. Let us know your thoughts on this memory hack, and share your thoughts in the comments section!