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A Bride Is Being Dragged For Ranking Her Bridal Party According To Friendship

When brides are getting close to their big day and planning their wedding, sometimes, they can make some choices that others consider questionable.

Picking the bridal party and bridesmaids can be a lot of drama, especially when people feel snubbed or left out. But, some brides find ways to make even the bridal party feeling crazily uncomfortable.

A Reddit user recently came across something that is giving us serious "MySpace" vibes.

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If you remember the social media website, you know that the profiles allowed users to "rank" their Top 8 friends by putting them in a specific order of their choosing.

Imagine having to rank your friends for the entire world to see? Well, it happens.

Apparently, one bride thought it would be a great idea to do this with their bridal party.

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Not only did she introduce her bridal party by their names, but she also decided to rank them by "best friend" status, including her maid and matron of honor.

Surprisingly, some of her friends are closer to her than even her matron of honor.

This must be an awful feeling.


Imagine feeling so overjoyed and honored to be part of your friend's bridal party, to only find out that you are the last in line to be included in this entirely?

No one wants to be pointed out as the "last best friend."

People on Reddit were both disturbed and confused.

"But why is the Matron of Honor her 5th best friend? Her system doesn't seem to be working," one person asked.

"This is weird as [expletive], but I just realized that this is some printed material for the wedding and not just some organizational email or note. And that makes it SO much worse," another person commented.

Would you feel comfortable with this?

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