Petition To Bring Back Katey Sagal's Canceled Show 'Rebel' Already Has 55,000 Signatures

As we all know, there are a very small handful of celebrities who I genuinely care about, follow and support. One of those beloved celebrities is Katey Sagal, so when I heard her new show Rebel had been given the axe last week after only four episodes, I was devastated for her!

Now, a petition to save the show is going viral, and I encourage you all to sign it!

As you may have heard, Katey's new show Rebel was off to a good start with fans on ABC.

The series, based on the life of Erin Brockovich, followed Katey as Annie "Rebel" Bello — a former Oakland detective forced to step down after the death of her brother. The show follows Rebel as she continues to investigate as a private eye.

Sadly, it was announced last week that the show wasn't getting picked up for a second season after only five episodes.

Recently, Katey broke her silence about the abrupt end of her TV show in an emotional post on Instagram.

"To all the dear rebellious @rebelabc followers. I am so touched by your support for our show," the 67-year-old began.

"As a cast and great crew and the amazingly talented @kristavernoff have just begun to gel and find our footing, the plug has been pulled, and I feel you and hear your disappointment."

"I wholeheartedly stand with you."

She continued: "The abrupt announcement that there would be no season 2 based on the response from four airings came as a shock and a heartbreak."

"Things take time to catch on. *Rebel* tells the story of a woman who speaks up for what is right, the show has heart and purpose, funny and tears, and we, the cast, are all scratching our heads at the reversal of support from ABC."

"As Rebel would say, fight for what you want, make people listen, and in this case, if our show can find another, more suitable place to land, we will do the happy dance. If not, we gave it our all and made our voices heard, which is the message behind Rebel! Always Speak Up!!"

She then directed fans to a petition made to save the show.

The petition to save the show is gaining traction online, and has reached over 55,000 signatures!

"Rebel is an ABC freshman drama show based on Erin Brockovich’s life, created by Krista Vernoff and starring Katey Sagal. The series combines drama with elements of comedy and deconstructs sexist and ageist stereotypes along its way. On May 14, 2021, one day after the shows’s 5th episode aired, ABC announced that Rebel will not be back for a second season," the petition's description reads.

"We believe the decision to cancel the show was rash! The series was not given enough time to establish itself and to build an audience!"

The description concluded: "The show deserves a second season! If you agree please sign the petition and spread the word!"

To sign the petition, please click here.