Viral Beauty Hack Has People Putting Q-Tips In Their Mouths

Today I'm calling all my fellow lipstick lovers. Lipstick is pretty much the only makeup item I wear these days. It's fast to apply, and you're ready to go in less than a minute, ha, ha! That's exactly what I like about it.

But, how do you get your lipstick to fit in those corners of your mouth perfectly? Well, apparently, there's a hack for that problem.

Recently, people on TikTok have been raving about a beauty hack that involves applying lipstick.

It's actually a beauty tip that came out back in 2018. The Huda sisters introduced it on YouTube, but it only became a viral hit recently.

Somebody reposted a part of their YouTube video on TikTok, and everybody has been raving about it since.

Unsplash | Marek Studzinski

Why? I think it's because the beauty hack is so simple anybody can do it. Let me tell you all about it.

So, how do you apply lipstick that covers the inner corners of your lips without the color spilling over?

It's simple. First, get yourself some Q-tips. Then, grab one of them and stick it in your mouth. Yes, you heard me right, lol.

What kind of sorcery is this?

Ha, ha, let me explain it to you. You see, the Q-tips act as a buffer between your skin. They will ensure that once you apply your lipstick, it comes out with clean lines at the corners. Get it?

Okay, perhaps it's easier if you see what I mean.

Check out this video to see how you can do it too. It seems pretty simple enough for me. But I want to know, what's your take on this technique?

I think I like this.

Once you pull the Q-tip away from your mouth, you should find mess-free lines, even in those hard-to-reach spots. Hmm, that sounds pretty good to me, even though it looks a little weird at first.

It's no surprise to me that once other ladies saw this, they would like it too.

Many have been commenting that they thought this beauty hack was brilliant. What I love about it the most is how easy it is.

And it doesn't require any special tools either.

Flickr | focalphoto

All you need are some Q-tips which you can even find at the dollar store. So this hack is not only super simple but very affordable for anyone. What is there not to love, huh?

So what do you think of this fun beauty hack?

Have you tried it yet? I have to admit I just found out about it today. So I'm going to try it out next time I'm putting on my lipstick.

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