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Adding 'Watered Down Mayo' Instead Of Milk In Hot Chocolate Makes Weird Sense

Mayo haters, you may want to avert your eyes for this one.

Mayonnaise, a simple combination of oil, egg yolk and an acid, is either a smoothing-out concoction devised by the gods, or a viscous, disgusting goo invented by the devil, depending on who you ask.

Like it or not though, mayo is here to stay. And judging from a recent Reddit thread, the possible applications for mayo are virtually infinite.

"Watered down mayo is better than milk, in a hot chocolate drink."

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Thus begins a bold claim from a Redditor. Appropriately enough, this was posted in r/unpopularopinion.

"Call me disgusting but hear me out, mayo has a ton of fat content and it's all just flavour. The savoury taste of mayo goes perfectly with the sweet hot chocolate. It has an added benefit of not triggering any lactose intolerances."

Go on...

I'm agnostic towards mayo, but OP makes a good point. They conclude their post with a note on the subtleties of creating properly watered-down mayo:

"For anyone wondering, the only way to make watered down mayo without it being just a bunch of globules of mayo. You have to put the mayo in a food processor and slowly add water, essentially emulsifying it with the water."

Where did this idea come from?

Some commenters wondered just how, exactly, OP came up with this idea. After all, it's not like you can just add mayo to hot chocolate. As OP pointed out, it needs a little finessing in a blender.

Is it a good idea or plain disgusting?

OP invited commenters to call him disgusting. "You're disgusting," wrote at least one commenter.

"A thousand years from now, historians will try to find out what exactly went wrong with you," wrote another prescient Redditor.

OP came back to the thread.

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They didn't have much to say to the "You're disgusting" comments, but offered a truly exhaustive guide to properly watering down mayo in a blender.

Y'know, so it can be added to hot chocolate.

I'm getting more and more grossed out by this story the longer I look into it, but that shouldn't stop you from sharing your thoughts in the comments.