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Woman Makes An Outfit Out Of Bread So She Can Feed Pigeons

Sort of like the city's seagull, pigeons are food-crazy birds that cluster around anyone who offers them snacks.

Accustomed to people walking among them, pigeons have come to trust having humans in their space, delighting many a city bird watcher.

Wanting to get up-close-and-personal with the friendly birds, TikToker Minniethevet decided to try out a little experiment.

She designed an outfit that would be impossible for the birds to resist.

minniethevet | TikTok

A sea turtle veterinarian by day, Minnie found herself searching out the friendship of a few feathered friends in her local park.

Craving the attention of the easily-bribed birds, she decided to make an outfit that would be impossible to resist.

She strutted the avant-garde fashion statement through her local park.

minniethevet | TikTok

Taping sliced bread onto her body in an extremely avant-guard fashion statement, Minnie covered her arms, legs, stomach, and head with bready treats.

Walking with giddy purpose toward the local pond, Minnie filmed herself strutting toward her target pigeon cluster, a big smile lighting up her face.

Then she laid down and waited for the birds to come to her.

minniethevet | TikTok

Lying down next to the pond, Minnie closed her eyes and waited for the pigeons to come to her. Living up to her expectations, it wasn't long before she was surrounded by curious birds, pecking questioningly at her unusual garb.

Curious onlookers couldn't dampen her joy.

minniethevet | TikTok

Shamelessly enjoying her pile of pigeons, Minnie lay back and let the birds peck, completely undisturbed by the interested stares of passing park-goers.

Feeling their little beaks poke gently at the bread, Minnie beams widely as the pigeons walk over her body, nudging their friends out of the way to get at the tasty treats.

The bird-friendly bread suit was a resounding success.

minniethevet | TikTok

With her silly clothing experiment a resounding success, Minnie couldn't be happier. Having gotten to enjoy a fun pigeon pile-up, she can now go back to her work with sea turtles feeling a little bit featherier.

What do you think of Minnies bird-friendly bread suit? Would you be confident enough to wear it to your local pigeon gathering? Or does the idea of being swarmed by birds sound less than appealing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!