Woman Reveals 'Bonkers' Job Description From Family That Wanted A Nanny

If you spend some time on Reddit's r/ChoosingBeggars community, you're likely to spot a lot of bizarre requests from people who either want expensive goods for far lower than any reasonable person would offer or services that people aren't given any real incentive to provide.

But sometimes, they can involve apparent job opportunities that seem fairly reasonable until you dig into what's actually required and discover that some people have a serious problem with creating realistic expectations for potential employees.

But while the job offer we're going to be discussing today would fit right in with that community, it was actually made before it even existed.

Back in 2013, actress Hollis Jane Andrews interviewed with a family who were looking for a nanny for their two boys.

As she recently revealed on Twitter, however, it was during this interview that she was provided with a list of duties that she described as "bonkers."

And as we can see, this family had a knack for making even activities that would otherwise sound fun stress-inducing.

For instance, while it makes sense that these parents wouldn't want distractions while they were working and wouldn't want their children parked in front of a TV all day, they took it to an extreme.

As it said in the note Andrews shared, "Get them to run, throw rocks and RUN with them, don't stop them running ever." Also it isn't just that the nanny couldn't show them movies all the time, but rather couldn't show them ever.

Pool time and trips to the park took on a similarly intense air, which was largely due to the expectation that this family's prospective nanny couldn't let these children spend any period of time in a sad or sour mood for any reason.

As they put it, "If they are not laughing, they are not happy [...] If they are crying and yelling, they are not happy and as a nanny you need to get them back happy again."

And while it's well under the expected purview of a nanny to care for the food, sleep, and general well-being needs of children, this family expected more.

Namely, they wanted the prospective nanny to teach the children how to brush their teeth and swim.

Without knowing the children's ages, it's hard to tell as to whether tooth brushing should already be something they've learned how to do, but the other requirement seems to suggest that the family's trying to fold "nanny" and "swimming instructor" into the same position.

But the kicker is that while the children are sleeping, the nanny is expected to clean the house, do the dishes, and do the laundry.

So not only are they looking for a nanny who doubles as a swimming instructor but also one who triples as a housekeeper.

And how much were they willing to pay someone who they expected to take on three different roles at once? $13 an hour.

As Andrews put it, "Granted that was 8 years ago BUT STILL."

Shockingly, she didn't think this job would be worth pursuing and turned the offer down.

h/t: Twitter | @hollis_jane

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