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Photo Of Girl Seemingly Vanishing Into The Sidewalk Baffles The Internet

Anyone who spends a lot of time online probably looks at dozens, if not hundreds, of photos every day. It's like our thumbs were made for scrolling, isn't it?

Most pics are forgettable. Some go viral. And a very select few are enough to break the internet's collective brain.

This is one of those photos.

Perspective can do weird things to a photo.

Reddit | onionrings4eva

I mean, it looks like this guy has a foot for a hand, right?

It's only after taking a closer look that your brain is able to piece together what's actually going on.

Our featured photo today is on another level.

It was originally posted on the confusing_perspective subreddit, and it's since gone viral.

It appears to show a girl who's, like, melting or morphing into the surrounding sidewalk.

Here's the photo.

Captioned, "My daughter, where's the rest of her?! Ohh I see, do you?", the photo does indeed appear to show a girl who's become one with the sidewalk.

The internet sleuths always figure it out.

Twitter | @TimKietzmann

It's all there in the original photo, but you might need to re-orient your sense of perspective.

The photo went viral on Reddit and Twitter, and almost as quickly, it was solved.

We've (kind of) seen this before.

Reddit | shellybean23

Here's another example of a photo where the surrounding area makes things look weird. This girl doesn't actually have cartoonishly spindly legs — it's just that the bag of popcorn she's holding blends in with the surround grass.

Is it similar to this?

Reddit | whywee

This weird illusion owes itself to a camera error. Could that be what's going on with the photo of the 'vanishing' girl?

Hint: it isn't. But the effect is a bit similar.

Here's how it works.

The photo was taken from higher ground than the girl is standing on, and she's behind a ledge.

Because the ledge is the same color as the sidewalk in the background, it appears to be the same material.

Be honest, though: did you figure this out on your own? Because I definitely didn't.