Trying To Draw Shrek From Memory Proves To Be A Hilarious Viral Challenge

Ahh, Shrek.

Where would we be without everybody's favorite CGI Scottish ogre? True, Shrek may be more meme than movie at this point, but there's something about Shrek that sticks with us, even two decades after the release of the original film.

The newest Shrek-adjacent viral challenge is here, and it's delightful.

Yes, it's been 20 years since the first Shrek movie was released.

To mark this landmark event, Twitter users have invented a new challenge: #DrawShrekFromMemory.

How hard can it be, right? Shrek's appearance is burned into everybody's brain at this point. Let's take a look.

For the most part, people got the broad strokes correct.

Most of these are pen-and-paper drawings, so they're missing the green skin. But otherwise, people seem to remember what Shrek looks like: medieval shirt, weird ears, cranky faces.

Yeah, sure, that's Shrek.

Twitter | @c_washington

There's nothing particularly special about this one, but hey, it looks vaguely Shrek-like. That's about the best you can hope for when you're drawing a CGI ogre.

I don't like how he's looking at me.

Twitter | @MisterABK

This person is clearly a decent artist, but I think they spent a little too much time on the eyes. I'm deeply unnerved by this version of Shrek.

What is this, a crossover episode?

Twitter | @lukemckinney

We all know that Shrek is voiced by Mike Myers, who's also Austin Powers. I'm just glad they left The Cat in the Hat out of this mashup.

Chonky Shrek.

Twitter | @ScrrreamingPink

Look, Shrek was never exactly svelte, but I don't think he looked like Tony Soprano either.

The essence of Shrek.

Twitter | @JessicaTheLaw

Shrek never wore a leopard-print Aladdin vest to my knowledge, but this is still undeniably Shrek. Weird kneecap, though.

Can you do any better?

Here's a great gif of Shrek's face. Burn it into your memory, then try out your art skills. If you're so inclined, you can share it on Twitter using the hashtag #DrawShrekFromMemory.