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Friends Spot Elderly Woman Sitting Alone And Invite Her To Eat With Them

If you see someone eating alone in a restaurant, what do you think? Maybe they're lonely. Then again, maybe they like the solitude. But if they are lonely, would they like some company? It can be a tough call.

However, an Alabama man saw this with an older adult and instead of hesitating, he decided to spring into action.

There's nothing wrong with going to a restaurant alone.

Unsplash | Hannah Busing

It's one of those things that sometimes feels a bit weird, but sometimes you're hungry and want to go out.

It isn't inherently sad, but it's something that certainly can be sad.

Jamario Howard shared this story on Facebook.

Facebook | Jamario Howard

Howard was at a restaurant with two friends when they saw an older woman eating alone. As he wrote on Facebook, his first thought was that he'd hate to eat alone. So he and his friends decided to keep her company.

She was grateful to have someone to eat with.

Facebook | Jamario Howard

She shared a poignant story of losing her husband. While she went to the restaurant alone, she was lucky enough to have some dining companions, all thanks to the kindhearted spirit of Jamario Howard.

Reaction on Facebook was overwhelmingly positive.

Facebook | Jamario Howard

This is just a nice story. There's nothing sensationalistic or controversial here, just an example of humanity showing its good side.

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