Woman Wants To Know If She Was Wrong To Send The Police To Stepsister's Wedding

Wedding drama can be the spiciest kind of drama, and judging from a Reddit story, things were really popping off at some recent nuptials.

A woman shared a story of wedding woes, which included family drama, vengeful relatives, and theft, all leading to a dramatic scene at a wedding where the police got involved.

It's a bit of a long story.

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The story, posted by a 32-year-old woman, was an attempt to determine whether she'd acted appropriately.

To summarize: this woman, who we'll call OP, lost her mom some years back. One of her mom's necklaces (not pictured) is a treasured keepsake.

OP has a stepsister.

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After's OP's dad remarried, she gained a stepsister, who we'll call S. Things are cordial but not exactly friendly. S had a wedding coming up, and asked if she could wear OP's mom's necklace.

OP refused. You can probably see where this is going.

OP couldn't attend the wedding.

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Because her dad is sick, OP opted to stay with him. Because she really didn't want S wearing the necklace, she hid it. But on the wedding day, the necklace was gone.

Since it was a stolen possession, OP called the police. Just to reiterate, she called the police on the blushing bride.

"I might have overreacted by getting the police involved but I had no guarantee of getting the necklace back since I have experience with them in the past."

The top-rated comment said OP was in the right, summing things up pretty simply: if you don't want the police ruining your wedding day, it's probably a good idea not to steal things that don't belong to you.

For what it's worth, there are no legal repercussions.

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The stepsister was profoundly embarrassed, I'm sure, to be confronted by police on her wedding day. But it's not like she's currently in prison or anything. It was a message more than anything.


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Another comment supported OP with righteous rage, calling out S for trying to flip the situation and avoid blame.

"Put all your mother's things in a safe, safety deposit box or storage unit," they concluded.

It seems like the bridge has been burned.

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Apparently stepsis said OP is 'dead' to her.

"I don't have her on my social media but my number was blocked by her. My stepmom kept saying that she was going to make sure the item is returned but telling me no when I wanted to come take it back myself made me lose my patience," she wrote in a later comment.

Did anyone not take OP's side?

It was tough finding examples among the 1,600 comments, but at least one person called out OP for escalating a minor family spat.

"Calling [the police] to ruin the wedding was just petty, even if she did start it."

Comments were overwhelmingly supportive, though.

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Some took a different tack, saying that OP shouldn't be so hard on herself for ruining the relationship, because it was clearly already ruined for her stepsister to show this level of disrespect.

The poll says that OP was not the jerk here.

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While she received all sorts of kind words in the Reddit thread and almost everyone took her side, it's still an interesting example of family dynamics at play.

What do you think of this whole situation? Have you ever faced something similar with a family member? Let us know in the comments.

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