Crochet Mama Pig Pattern Even Has A Spot To Store Her Crochet Piglets

Have you ever been minding your own business, perhaps browsing around Etsy, when something truly strange catches your eye? And suddenly, your entire brain is occupied with questions about why someone would make something so absolutely bizarre?

I know that feeling well, and it's because of these pigs. Never again will I so recklessly browse Etsy, you guys.

It looks normal, right?

It's pretty cute! The mama pig is a good size (eight inches or so) and the babies are absolutely adorable. This is a totally normal crochet family of pigs.

The plot thickens.

Well, this is interesting. The mama pig has a slit along the back of her, kept closed with two little snap fastenings. I'm sure there's nothing odd going on here.


This mama pig is full of small pigs, and the slit is so she can... give birth to them? I guess? I have so many questions and so few answers.

I get it, though.

At first, I was a little horrified. But this would actually be a great gift for kids, especially if you want to teach them about reproduction in a pretty wholesome manner.

You can get the pattern here.